Monday, May 30, 2011

Joplin, Missouri

After the wedding, reception, and a much-needed break,
I thought I'd get back to blogging by the end of May. However, due to the tragic tornado that hit and leveled a third of my hometown on Sunday, May 22, I must
 continue my absence.

We are blessed that our home and immediately family members are fine. Unfortunately, our business was directly in the path of the storm. It was only one of the eight-thousand structures destroyed. Sadly, there were 15 deaths in the apartment complex located next to our building. In all, 142 people died due to the tornado. I have friends who lost family members, my new son-in-law lost his grandmother, and I lost a dear friend from my church.

It has been amazing to see volunteers flooding into our city from all over the country. Food, water, clothing, as well as clean-up crews, nurses, doctors, counselors. Representatives from state and national government agencies have been here to help meet immediate financial and housing needs. President Obama spoke at the memorial service yesterday at our local university. We have been blessed with a outpouring of love and help.

Please pray for comfort, peace, and strength for the people of Joplin, Missouri.

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