Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Start Now!

I wish I had the same "I can't wait" decorating spirit for other holidays as I do Christmas. The ideas and intentions are there, but somehow it seems these other holidays just slip-up on me. Before I know it, the time for the fun new projects is gone, and I'm hurriedly hunting through cabinets, digging through boxes and drawers, in an attempt to place a few random decorations around the house to make it 'look' holiday-ish.

Easter is just around the corner, and this year I'm really going to try to do something fun - some pretty little planting, block-print some napkins, make some truffle eggs..... these ideas make me smile.

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  1. Rita, You always find the most elegant images. You get me in the mood. I remember the basket from Martha Stewart last year with the chocolate bunny. I wanted to copy it but never find a basket of that quality! Or ribbon either! She should sell nice baskets.

    I do have a vintage silver basket and you just inspired me to use it. Stay tuned and hopefully I'll deliver. I am going on a trip and my new grand baby will be here close to Easter so it may not happen this year but thanks to you I will remember it.

  2. Indeed Rita! You have me in the Spring mood now ♥...

    That bunny folded napkin is just the best thing I've seen ~

  3. Easter is such a lovely time of year...and my favorite holiday of all. My celebrations are always rich with tradition. Enjoy your decorating!

  4. wow those blue flower eggs were so pretty. I am always looking for new ways to dye eggs and this is a great post to really get my mind being creative.


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