Sunday, March 6, 2011

Special Home Tour

What fun it has been to flip though a magazine (Celebrate Arkansas) and see my daughter's home as one of the feature articles.  I thought I'd share. It makes me smile. Enjoy the tour.

A few of the additional photos.

They are professional photographers, so their home office reflects their creative side.

I got to put my creative skills (and some of my college education) to work in my grand daughter's bedroom. It was so fun to create a bedroom and bathroom for her.


  1. Wow...beautiful..thanks for sharing.

  2. * It's LOVELY, and you MUST, and SHOULD be, so very proud! I love the pic of their daughter in her pretty pink room~~~ so sweet!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  3. How fabulous Rita! I love Dale & Meredith's laid back take on it all - no precious design diva stuff happening at their place. That pink room is scrumptious, awesome job by Gramma Rita.
    Millie x

  4. I love that they don't settle for "full done design" and wait to incorporate things they love. And I admire their bold use of pillows and colored frames. Woo hoo. I should be so courageous :-))). Beautiful home, thanks for sharing. ~Blessings, Janet

  5. Really lovely home and your granddaughter must be thrilled with her room.
    Mary Ann

  6. Hey mom! I just saw this post! Thanks for sharing the images with your readers! Also, thank you for creating such a special bedroom for Ellie! We ALL love it!!


I hope this made you smile. I look forward to hearing what you have to say!