Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Chair

I've have been a long-time fan of Restoration Hardware - the clean lines and classic style. 

Although it's not really me, I've continued to appreciate their new 'industrial' look.

Now to my point. It's this chair (below). Does this chair conjure up any thoughts for you?  Is it just me or does this chair seem a little creepy?  I mean, attach a few leather straps for restraint and a source of electric current, and .... well you see where I'm going.

Even when the chair is placed in it's proper perspective, it's still a bit bizzare. I realize it's a reproduction French dentist's chair - maybe that's why it produces a nervous apprehension in me. I guess the thought of the dentist is much better than my first thought.

Should you have the perfect place for this chair in your home, Restoration Hardware has it on special for $1495.

All images Restoration Hardware


  1. Hmmm...for $1495..not so sure Rita but you are right, in the right setting it works. I always pop into Restoration Hardware when I am back in the States. It is a great store and I always manage to find something to pack into my suitcase. I picked up a couple of great big double hooks, brought them back to New Zealand and created a mud room on an outdoor porch. I loved that space!

    Jeanne xx

  2. Agreed RH has done an outstanding job of coining and perfecting the look that is all the rage now, reclaimed woods, neutral linen type natural fabrics, they do look better than ever.....hard to throw one of their catalogs away! I love that first grouping the most...huge chunky table oversized chairs....fabulous!

  3. I was a bit of a shock when I scrolled down and "the chair" was revealed. My first thought was "she couldn't like that, could she" :-) Then I continued reading...I don't know that even in the right setting it isn't still creepy. I wonder who will buy it. I do love the tables on wheels though. I actually just bought a baker's rack on wheels so that I can roll it out of the way. Now if I could just find stylish and comfortable dining area chairs :-)))

  4. It looks almost like a Tim Burton prop.But like you I do like R H !

  5. * Hi, Rita~~~ I am certainly liking & appreciative of the new RH items... buuuut, I AGREE with you re THAT CHAIR... it ISSSSSS "creepy", IMHO!!! (It reminds me of "Hannibal Lector" (played brilliantly by Anthony Hopkins) in "SILENCE OF THE LAMBS" & "HANNIBAL"!!!)... "Ewwwwww!"... I'm so with you on THIS one!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  6. I love the subtle colours too - gorgeous!

  7. Linda and James,

    Great comparisons - Hannibal Lector and Tim Burton - two people who could appreciate this chair.

  8. That truly is a very creeeeepy design! Creepy but funny...it gave me a much needed laugh. I bet they don't sell any. Well, maybe to creepy people. Ha!
    The weekend is upon us - Have a good one,


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