Sunday, January 16, 2011

Powder Your Nose

I've been thinking about updating my guest bathroom. Actually, with no tub or shower, I guess it would be more accurate to call it a powder room.  After Millie at The Laurel Hedge revealed her amazing bathroom makeover, I was inspired to get serious about my own project. Millie's reveal gave me some really good ideas - check it out.

At this point, I'm still searching for inspiration images. Here's just a few I've found, but I'm still looking for 'the' one.

HouseBeautiful SouthernLiving CoastalLiving


  1. You have some pretty great choices here RIta. I have noticed lately that people are splashing out on fun wallpaper and creating a little exotic haven. I love the last shot for that very reason. I could stay a while in that powder room...looks like a fun little spot to escape too.

    Good are heading in the right direction and I agree...Millie's looks fab!

    Jeanne xxx

  2. Oh Rita,
    There are so many to choose from aren't there ? Keep looking though as 'the one' will pop out at you !!
    I love Millies BFH. MOTH did a great job didn't he ? It's great inspiration as well. That is another good thing about blogging. The inspiration is wonderful.
    Your bathroom is out there Rita,Just keep doing the research !! XXXX

  3. Pic No 3 please for me ! I adore that semi-medieval look there and I envision to step in there, dressed in Prae-Raphaelite velvet gowns with long flowing hair to dab on a few drops of precious perfumes....sigh.

  4. Rita you are a sweetie, thank you for your very kind words! Sadly ours had to be function over form 'cos of the tiny weird space it occupies. I would have loved to have used some of the gorgeous ideas in the images you have posted. But we still have an en-suite to do, so I'm going to be a bit more adventurous with that. I'm sure with your chic style, whatever you do will be scrumptious.
    Millie x

  5. rita... these are all so lovely... just think about the things you want most and go from there... you will know it ... you will feel it... xx

  6. I love all the different wallpaper and wall colors in this post. Wow are they beautiful!
    Lila Ferraro


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