Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello February!

When I think of February, I tend to envision red, or at least pink, gems and jewels. The birthstone for February is amethyst - although not red, it is still a beautiful stone.
Happy February!  And, Happy Birthday! -  if this is your special month.

Celebrate your birthday in style!

...and Happy Valentine's Day to all.


  1. nice job!!! love the garnet, purple and lavender.
    Mary ann

  2. Rita, Gorgeous selection of photographs. What a nice surprise to take a break and come over to gaze over your beautiful ideas. Hope you're having a fabulous day...~Blessings, janet

  3. Janet - We are having a 'record-setting' blizzard - wind chill tonight -20 degrees. We have power, so I'll be doing a lot of blog viewing - I'm having a fabulous day! Rita

  4. I so love these posts Rita & this one is no exception! This is the colour MOTH reckons he likes to see me wearing the most, yet it's probably the one I wear the least. Note to self: Change that pronto.
    Millie x


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