Monday, January 10, 2011

A Different Beat

Drum lights /shades add a new interest in lighting options. Although I'm still uncertain of where I could use one in my home, I do find that in the right room or space, I like the look - a drum-shade light fixture adds a fun, new twist.

My hope is that someone will, or has already created a universal drum-shade that will fit my existing chandelier - wouldn't it be wonderful to have the ability to 'try' the idea without making a major investment?!


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  1. That would be a wonderful idea, perfect for a new look without a huge price tag attached! Good luck I hope you can find one. xx

  2. Love the modern but classic look. We did a drum chandelier in my sister's dining room...with an antique settee upholstered in chocolate leather.
    Mary Ann

  3. I thought I would join in with the trend of a lovely shade so we added one to our island bench. I was all for the drum-look but the Silver Fox has his own style too (apparently) so we opted for something a little different.

  4. Lovely! I really am loving shades this days- drums are the coolest twist. Happy Monday...or tuesday by now :)

  5. Dear Rita,
    They all look lovely and all so different. It would be great if you could just buy the shade as one can make such expensive mistakes ( I've made a few of those in my time !!)
    We don't seem to be wonderful at lighting in our home.....I can't even think about reding a book at night in our lounge !! It all looks pretty and romantic but, I can't see a thing !!
    Good luck on your hunt for a shade. XXXX

  6. Were you inspired by the chandelier I bought Mere for her kitchen???

  7. Just beautiful eye-spiration :-) Clean, simple, and inviting spaces you would be so pleased to entertain and live in. :-) Oh...I love the shades too :-) ~ Blessings, Janet (Your photos are often day-dream inducing :-)


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