Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Dreaming Again

I love to celebrate the Christmas season as long as possible; however, cleaning up from Christmas Eve dinner is something that has to be faced today - I've already ignored and neglected the task too long as it is.

Like decorating the tree and the house for the season, I love preparing for our special Christmas Eve dinner - the meal as well as the table - linens, china, silver, place cards.

Unfortunately, I never find the same enthusiasm when it comes time to put the scene in reverse. Somehow the excitement I felt just a few days ago, as I unboxed china, searched in doors and doors for table linens, place card holders, and special serving piece, has been replaced with a feeling of drudgery. In my rationale for putting the task off until today, I have concluded that the reason for this delay and less-than-festive attitude could easily be resolved. If everything had a place - a designated place for every item - then I'm sure I would return the china, glasses, candlesticks, and everything else with a cheery smile on my face.

My solution to turn this gloomy face into a smile would start with storage.

But my fantasy storage is not 'in' my kitchen - I want a ROOM - not just
a pantry or a closet.

 I'd design a clever little entrance - maybe like this...

or this...

or maybe even more grand, like this, where I can actually 'see' what is stored.

Certainly, glass doors would not be optional.

Oh, another grand idea - a ladder to help me reach those top shelves.

I'd make sure to plan some extra tall spaces for those items
that never seem to fit anywhere.

My trays would have their very own display niche, too. No more stacking!

         My room would have a little sink for watering my plants and a sunny window
to make them smile. And, of course some extra counter space
for my "I don't know where to put this" / "I'll just set it here for now" items.

My table linens would not be forgotten.

                               No more standing over the ironing board pressing table linens.  I'd have a special place just for a rotary streamer - maybe not in your fantasy,
but I really do enjoy ironing.

I would smile and wear strands of golden ornaments while I sat in my
fancy chair admiring my special room.

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  1. If you figure out how to get a room like any of the above, please email me immediately. I have the same dilema as YOU!! I am sure I would start if it were not so daunting and afterall I am just plain 'ol tired!!! A few more days please?!! Kathysue

  2. Love this post and completely relate!! I would be so happy to have a big walk in pantry- a ROOM , actually - with all those shelves and space to store things. It seems it would make the time and effort of cleaning up so much more efficient! Hope you get one of those spaces one day!

  3. Ahhh yes! A girl after my own heart. This is a post of pure, delicious eye candy. A fantasy to behold...and beautiful photos to grace a vision board :-) I am so with you on this. I love to have a place for everything and have everything in its place. The idea of glass front cabinets, beautiful artwork, and places to store elegant linens is irresistible...and certainly yet another good reason for more square footage :-). The hubs and I keep going back and forth...up size, or downsize??? That is the question. He actually made a joke telling co-workers that I want a smaller house with larger rooms! :-)

  4. I hope your Christmas was everything you wanted.
    Have a fab New Year...x

  5. YES YES YES!!!!(Imagine Meg Ryan from "When Harry met Sally" screaming that) I LOVE organization and dread shoving all my Christmas stuff in Rubbermaid and hiding it in the attic. And where is a good place to store table linens? You almost need a map table. I resort to hangers in the guest closet. Happy NYE!

  6. Wonderful choices Rita, I am so with you :)


I hope this made you smile. I look forward to hearing what you have to say!