Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun

It was a wonderful day with family at the farm, and way too much delicious turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, ....... pie. On the drive home, I made my proverbial vow to never eat again, but somehow I was talked into roasting marshmallows. With temperatures hovering around 30, it seemed the perfect weather for the firepit and a little fun outdoors. Another day with many perfect moments to celebrate.

About my firepit.


  1. I think we all feel like we will never eat again after the turkey, dressing etc. and of course the pie!! oh my, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Kathysue

  2. Look at those little faces.. Ohhhh, so cute. Even the dog looks eager...

  3. Dear Rita,
    Sounds as if a good time was had by all.....the puppy looks very interested in those marshmallows !!
    ,,,,,is it salad for a month now Rita ?!! haha
    Enjoy your healthy weekend !! XXXX

  4. So sweet Rita, I just love that photo!! I woke up this morning and grabbed my yoga pants...perfect after a Thanksgiving meal!

    I love that you came home and created a firepit! Brilliant :)

    Jeanne xx

  5. Dear Rita
    So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and marshmallows!!! Well you had temps of 30F and we are having temps of 30C...

    Such a cute photo.. love the look on the little guys face!!! Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  6. This really made me smile - i hope to create those kind of memories if i am lucky enough to have children myself one day.

    Oh and you made me want to buy a fire pit!
    Happy Holidays
    Rachie xo

  7. Rita,
    Your children are beautiful. Looks like so much fun. I will say I have not seen the giant marshmallows before and I like your skewers too. Much nicer than coat hangers!

    You can not put a price tag on special memories. Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post. I love hearing from you. You always warm my heart.

  8. Just found you through you comment on Millie's blog.
    Cute kids? Your grand kids?
    I make my own marshmallows. They are the greatest roasted.

  9. Oh, no, how tragic. I've lost you? And, right from the beginning you were one of my all time favorites.

    Your Thanksgiving appears to have been wonderful. How I miss the holiday, it was always my number two favorite.

    Hope all is well in all ways in your world.

    (I have a good reason for not visiting often -- or at all for a while -- but don't want to go public. Do forgive me though.)

    Warmest regards,


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