Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Decorating

I'm ready to break out the red and green,but I'm demonstrating a little self control by giving fall and Thanksgiving a few days in the spot light.


  1. Me too. I always decorate for Xmas the day after Thanksgiving. I love fall, so the longest I can stretch it, the better. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful fall celebration. Great images!

  2. Autumn is my favourite time of the year. Gorgeous colours!

  3. I love fall and Thanksgiving. Our leaves are just turning and it seems like fall for the first time because it has been so hot.

    Your fall vignettes are beautiful!

  4. I was so glad to see you have Autumn colors for Thanksgiving because it's confusing with some of us moving into the Christmas colors already!!! I am firmly in the "autumn color" camp for Thanksgiving because the Chrsitmas season seems to go on forever anyway. Here, in California, our vineyards are in glorious autumn color!! It would be a shame to trot out the red and green with Mother Nature showing off her beautiful burnt orange color.

    I will try to take photos of our beautiful vineyards tomorrow and post them.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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