Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello November!

Happy Birthday to those with a November birthday.  You are lucky enough to have two birthstone options - if you aren't crazy about the look of citrine, maybe you'l like yellow topaz.  Both are beautiful gemstones.

Have a wonderful month! 

Happy Birthday!


  1. * Such DEEEELIGHTFUL pics~~~ thank you!!! (And the rings, and the bird, and the cows?... even MORE deeeelightful!!!!).

    * And it's so "funny", you talking about "sparkle" today!!!~~~~~~ Yes, I just told the workmen, who are busy right now installing my new kitchen backsplash (Oooh! And it's a wonderful, hand-made, Italian subway tile that is "simple & straight-forward") that I ADORE the subtle "waves" (from the hand-made process) & the "terriffic SPARKLE" this kelp colored tile gives off!!! The kitchen NEEDED just a touch o' sparkle!!! And, it's "CHARMING!"...

    * Thennnn, I came in here to my study, & I see your blog ABOUT "sparkle" today.... maybe that's a "GOOD OMEN" that it will all turn out even PRETTIER than I'd hoped!!! (Naturally, I'm a tad "nervous"... but JUST a weeeee tad, as these fellows are GOOD n' know what they're doing, thank heavens!)...

    Sooooo, thanks, m' friend! You "made my day"!!! Annnnd, HAPPY ELECTION DAY to all!

    Linda in AZ *

  2. Ahhh I love these month posts - I am abit late to this one - it being day 5 of November, but still! I like citrine - would hope to have a nice cocktail ring of it someday, but have never seen the perfect one. Hmmmm. Lou x

  3. That is the best photo of a cocky's head feathers that I have ever seen. The way those little feathers curl around and the bit of blush feathered on his cheeks makes me smile.


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