Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pet Rules

Do you have pet rules or do your pets rule?

Growing up, there was no question about pets in the house or on furniture - it was absolutely not allowed. And my parents continue to run a pretty tight ship with their dog. Their old lab has the privilege to live in the house, but she knows to walk a careful path throughout the house, making sure a paw never touches a rug - she makes even a wider swath when she walks close to any piece of furniture. She (Annie) has an assigned rug for day naps, and a fluffy bed in the bedroom for night sleeping. She has a basket for her toys, and on command, gathers her stuffed toys and balls, and places them in the basket. Annie is well trained and disciplined dog.

On the other hand, pets seem to run-a-muck at my house, and in my yard. I can't remember if we started out with training rules or if we simply just created our unruly brood by failing to instill rules during a training period.  I guess it really doesn't matter at this point - both dogs died last year (golden retriever 17 and brittney spaniel 16), and the cat is too old, too fat, and to lazy to attempt to teach.

These pictures make me smile.

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  1. didn't you know that they are the master of the house? :) ... no help training them new tricks..they are the ones to training us how to live with them.:)
    I simply love your gorgeous soulful and insightful...very inspiring.

  2. Who's the handsome man in the last pic???

  3. * This not only made me SMILE (our 66 lb. huntin' dawg "RULES"... sleeps w/ us n' everything!), but it absolutely, ALWAYS warms my heart to see pictures of some of God's sweetest, most loving creatures... all they really want IS our love, & it's given freely... they trust us... we trust them... It's beautiful, isn't it?

    I feel so sad at your losses. I'm an "always-must-have-a-dog-to-love person" (hubby feels the same, but then again, he's also a bird hunter, so they're "huntin' buddies/ partners" to boot!)~~~~

    In closing, I note your LAST PIC is SO BEAUTIFULLY HEARTWARMING... there's GREAT LOVE, ADMIRATION & TRUST between those two there... ohhh, that's sooooo beauuuutiful to witness, isn't it???

    Sooo, you made my day, and I say this as OUR GIRL is under the desk as I write, sound asleep w/ her head on my feet, feeling & knowing she's loved n' secure... LIFE is good right now...

    Beautiful posting, my friend! THANK YOU!!!

    Warmest fall wishes,
    Linda in AZ *


I hope this made you smile. I look forward to hearing what you have to say!