Monday, October 4, 2010

Belated Happy October

I'm a little late, but just as happy to say "Hello October!" According to my personal calendar, it is now officially fall - time to start planning holiday gathers, purchase the season's first apple cider, get my fire pit ready for roasting marshmallows, replace the ferns on my porch urns with mums, and to begin the Christmas shopping countdown.  But first, I must say happy birthday to those welcomed to the world in October and lucky enough to have opals for a birthstone.

Happy October!

Martha Stewart  Minx GoggleSearch


  1. Happy fall too you too.Yes just 2 more months to christmas.

  2. what lovely photos and sentiments. this is easily
    my favorite time of year. such anticipation for
    thanksgiving and then Christmas.

    i join your joy at the return for the leopard print!

  3. * Such a nice posting~~~ thank you~~~ and that NECKLACE??? "TO DIE FOR" stunning!!! (We wear alot of things "like" that here in AZ, & THIS PIECE is truly yummy!!!

    Linda in AZ *


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