Sunday, September 12, 2010

One Good Thing About Fall

As I've said before, I am not a fan of fall or any folliage that is yellow, orange, or brown. But, rather than whine about the things I don't like, I thought I'd try to focus on one of the positive opportunities provided by the season - outdoor entertaining.  The evening temperatures are cooler, summer vacations are over, family life has returned to a more normal pace, and weekends are perfect for gatherings with friends.

I love these settings. 

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  1. Oh boy, and we're having to come inside because the beginning of autumn means there's NO way it's warm enough to dine outside. These pictures are beautiful, the first is my favourite.

  2. Dear Rita,
    There is definitely an Autumnal chill in the air, here in the UK, and any one of these outdoor spaces would be wonderful for entertaining. I love the Autumn. .... in fact, I love all of the seasons. They all have their merits and I always look forward to a new season.
    Wishing you a lovely new week, Rita. XXXX

  3. That second picture sure looks inviting. I'm intrigued by the outdoor fireplaces, which is something I've never seen in real life. I should probably entertain more - gatherings with friends are always nice, indoors or out.

  4. * While I've seen most of these pics before (love Restoration Hardware's new outdoor "look"/offerings!), I must say I NEVER get TIRED of seeing lovely outdoor settings, and THESE are some of the BEST!

    We live in the AZ desert, & the HOT (but thankfully, DRY!) summer heat is a killer! Howevvver... the OTHER 9 months of the year are simply FABULOUS, and outdoor living is sooo delightful!...... At Christmas-time it's cool enough at night to light the outdoor fireplaces & enjoy a good cuddle and after-dinner drinks, alone or with dinner guests, while looking at the pool & llit landscaping, along with the breathtaking city lights below... pure heaven on earth!

    Warmest wishes!
    Linda in AZ *


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