Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello August

Peridot - who knew? I had no idea what gemstone represented August and not a clue as to what peridot looked like. Now that I've searched for 'everything peridot' for the past few days, I think I'm beginning to like this color - I love the necklaces I found (below). 

Happy August!  Happy Birthday to those who wear peridot with pride. Enjoy - I hope these images of August make you smile.

Have a wonderful August.

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  1. What a cool post, I loved the pictures! The jewlery was amazing!!!! I look forward to more, I just stumbled across your blog! : )

  2. Dear Rita,
    Isn't peridot a lovely colour ? So soft and fresh. I love all of the peridot inspired images that you have found. So beautiful. It is our daughter's birthday today (1st August) so I must tell her that this is her colour !
    Have a beautiful Sunday. XXXX

  3. Welcome back. Love this color and the first necklace is stunning. I just rented Leap Year, which mostly takes place in Ireland, and practically the whole movie is this color.

  4. Beautiful post. Everything you do is elegant.

  5. I love green Rita in any shape or form and you have such a wonderful collection here. Happy August to you too!!

    Best wishes for wonderful week!


  6. You always choose such amazing photos! Ahhh . . .


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