Thursday, June 3, 2010

Treasures of Summer

Of all the wonderful things summer brings, one of my favorites is beautiful flowers. These flowers were reminders of what it was like to have fresh flowers in my house throughout summer, and how fun it was to share bouquets with friends and neighbors. Maybe I'll reconsider the reasons I replaced my 'old fashioned' cut-flower bed with flowering shrubs, and create a new flower bed for next year. For now, I'm letting theses make me smile. Enjoy!

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  1. Dear Rita,
    There is nothing nicer than fresh flowers in the house, is there ?.... and to have them cut from the garden is even nicer. Even when we don't have many flowers to pick, I can always fill a vase with lots of different foliage from our garden and it looks lovely.
    Your images are beautiful.
    Have a lovely weekend, Rita. XXXX

  2. Aloha Rita,
    so fun to drop in and visit your lovely blooms,
    Hawaii is in bloom and lovely as well,
    Mahalo for sharing

  3. hi rita...
    aaaahhh these are so lovely. instant happiness... i always have them in my home and store and love to take bundles of joy to friends... no better gift!
    have a wonderful weekend... xx pam

  4. What beautiful flowers! I love the arrangement with the limes in the vase - truly a summer display!

  5. Lovely flowers. I especially love the ones in the red jug.

  6. What wonderful bouquets! I always had fresh flowers inside when I lived in the city and they always made me smile. However since I've lived in the country and nature is all around me, I hardly ever pick any flowers to bring inside!

  7. HI Rita
    Well that is what I'm missing now with winter arriving and all the damp weather here.. these beautiful blooms have certainly brightened my day... Sadly I don't have a garden of my own.. but my friend does let me steal over her way.. haha.. Have a lovely Sunday.. xxx Julie

  8. Stunning! I think I can even smell them from here! One of life's little treasures. Cut flowers!

  9. I will take one of each please!! Love them all, Happy Monday,Kathysue

  10. Gorgeous pics Rita...I love any flowers in a basket.
    There is just something about it that warms the heart and brings on summer loving!!



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