Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello July

July means summer is in full swing. Happy Birthday to those who wear rubies as their birthstone.  It's HOT where I live, so red seems the perfect color to represent this month . Happy July!  Enjoy.

Have a wonderful July!

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  1. You have found some fabulous images! I am really drawn to red and I especially love the shoes and the shutters however I have never felt like I can wear red lipstick! Have a great July! xx

  2. Loved the post and all the little red lovelies!
    Hope you enjoyed your break, so glad you are back!

  3. brilliant post! i loved the red shutters
    most of all . . . well, after the rubies,
    of course!

    happy fourth of july!!!

  4. Another stunning colour post dear Rita! You really are the Queen of this - don't ever stop!
    Millie ^_^

  5. Rita you captured July perfectly. I especially loved the shoes on the staircase because don't we all try to shed our shoes as soon as we can?

    A wonderful and fun 4th of July weekend to you & yours. May it be filled with friends, family, watermelon and laughter x deb

  6. Oh I love those precious red dotted flops! How adorable and fun are these photos Rita. Love em'!

    Thank you very much for your kind words on my new hair and weight loss. You're the best sweet friend. I always appreciate your visits.

    Enjoy the 4th! ~Melissa :)

  7. Hello! This post is a pleasure! That rolex...YUM. I loved the whole scrolling down experience wondering what would come next. That is the measure of a good blog post experience! Lou x

  8. Red makes the perfect July color!

  9. Light my fire with rubies, I say! Great photos, Rita.


  10. dear rita...
    i have so missed you and hope you are well... i completely understand what you are going thru as we are all just crazed in our lives... i am trying as well to slow down where i can and to take time to enjoy my family and friends and time alone with God... He so wants us to be focused on HIm and what is important... i need to do more of this... i love your post... it makes me really happy... hope you are enjoying your summer... xoxo pam

  11. Dear Rita,
    What gorgeous ruby red images........ it's even red hot here in the UK........ and, red is such a happy colour. You have made me really happy !!
    Have a ravishingly red week, Rita. XXXX


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