Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lazy, Hazy Days Of Summer

I'm counting the days until I am here.

I'm hoping it's nice and quiet-


- not like this.

Eating here would be lovely-

-but so much here.

Maybe sleeping here -

- not so fond of this.

Doing a lot of this -

- none of this.



  1. I agree there is nothing as soothing as a trip to the beach at a wonderful Inn on the ocean. Deep Sigh, Aaaaah!! I can see it all now thanks to your wonderful images, Kathysue

  2. I think we're all longing for a little comfort, luxury and peacefulness. Thank you for such lovely pictures.

  3. Such lovely pics, I need a little 'beach' in my life right about now!
    Hope you are having a fabulous long weekend!

  4. Hope you get all of those lovely things!

  5. no sky diving? i pray you have a lovely,
    restful time on a quiet beach with gorgeous
    rooms and luxurious dinners.

  6. Dear Rita
    I concur with all of it!! haha.. wow I am dreaming of the same.. getting wet and cold over this way now. and these beautiful images are now stuck in my mind!!! Have a lovely week my friend.. xx Julie

  7. Can I come too???

    You have the right ideas for a perfect holiday Rita.
    Be sure to pack the essentials: summer nail polish, sunscreen,
    stunning sunglasses, perfect hat and a sarong to remember!


  8. Hmmm. I like your version better too :)

  9. Hello! That table setting on the beach is just lovely...I suspect I use that sentiment to describe many of your posts! But they are just lovely, I imagine being barefoot and glass of cold wine in hand watching the sunset....yum. L x

  10. I'm choosing what you chose!!! Stay well, xx's

  11. may i please go with you? we are sooo much alike. have a lovely day...xx

  12. This is a VERY CUTE post!
    You made me smile - because I feel the same way.
    What a refreshing little break in my work day.
    I hope you enjoy your trip!
    I would love to go, too.

  13. Hi,
    I am so glad I found your blog this evening.
    I am a retired high school teacher and educational consultant.
    I love this time of life too!

    I'll be back.
    Drop by if you have time.

    White Spray Paint

  14. Aw beautiful beach Rita! Love the heart. How cool! :)

  15. Oh my goodness Rita! I sure would love to join you on these lovely beaches...

    Just adore sitting on the beach and watching the day go by...

    Thank you for reminding me how lovely life is!


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