Thursday, May 20, 2010

Couture Unsure

Sometimes when I see a fashion runway review or flip through Vogue, I see the models and wonder how the couture designs transfer to the real-world - to a person who is going out in public, is not 5'19" tall, is bigger than a size -0, and knows the choice will be open for all media scrutiny. 

Case in point, Michelle Williams selected a couture Chanel gown for her Cannes appearance. Aren't the bumblebee earring cute - for a child?  They are from Aspery's chilren's collection.

The beaded neckline piqued my curiosity to want to see the dress in full-length. I quickly searched back through the Chanel Spring 2010 show to see the dress and check out the other choices.   See what you think - try to ignore the cartoon-inspired, heart-shaped hair..

                                              And her choice was -

                                              - disappointing.

Chanel   Style   New York Post


  1. The _dress_ is quite nice, IMO - though I would cut off the ropes which cover the arms ;-))
    It is all in her posture that she looks like a little girl, standing in the corner to be disciplined....
    For this kind of dress one needs to be so straight upright, so "shoulders-back-chest-to-front" as possible, not the opposite.
    ( Last time I saw something comparable it was my then 5-years old daugther who borrowed one of my old gowns to play princess...)

  2. A very difficult style to wear....Love all these shots. Happy weekend, xv.

  3. I love the dress. But Michelle just proves the point that you can be good looking, get an awesome dress and if you don't have the right personality to wear it it's just a flop!

  4. The gown, though made from a lovely shade of pink fabric, appears to be slipping down and away right off her tiny body! The extremely long length of the dress confirms the suspicion. I am afraid I would be stumbling and tripping all evening with such a long and cascading hem to a gown.

  5. A poor choice to be sure. I tried, but that heart shaped hair was hard to ignore. I may be scared for life.

  6. This baby pink is hard to wear for anyone who is pale pale pale. And, again, only statuesque women can pull this off & with perfect posture and 6" heels. This is the main reason the "stars" need stylists...a huge great big mirror

  7. The gown would be fabulous without the straps that look like they have fallen down. The hair I can completely do without very distracting!

    Art by Karena

  8. I would have gone for one of those other heavenly pieces on the catwalk. Works of art. Carla

  9. It doesn't 'do' it for her (or me!) She's very petite as well as short, so it doesn't flatter like it does on someone taller. Perhaps the 7th one down would suit her better - the one shoulder may have elongated her body more? She should get a new stylist!!

  10. Yes, just like me she's a little pygmy & can't carry off this type of gown. In the next life I want to be 6'5"!!
    Millie ^_^


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