Friday, April 30, 2010

Visit Julie!

I'm so excited! One of my favorite artist and bloggers is having a give away.  My friend Julie, at Being Ruby, has made prints of a couple of pieces of her photographic art. You MUST go see for yourself -she is an amazing photographer and writer. You will enjoy your visit to her blog.


  1. Rita thank you for the heads-up. I LOVE Julie and her amazing blog & photography. I've been a bad blogger and need to seriously catch up. I hope you had a good week and will have an even better weekend! x

  2. I just checked out her Blog !! It's fabulous- thanks for sharing !! It made me SMILE :)

  3. Thanks Rita
    For your kind words and for posting this.. I wish you good luck with your entry... sort of exciting for me too... Have a lovely weekend. xxx Julie

  4. Yes, Rita, you're right, she is amazing...I'm popping right over. Awaiting your next post...xx's

  5. Thank you so much for your visit to hill country house! I have had an insane April and have not posted in almost a month! I haven't even read any of my favorite blogs. It was so nice to get your comment and see that I am not totally forgotten! I just set up all day for an antique show in Comfort, Texas that is just tomorrow and Sunday. Maybe I will get back to my computer in May!! Your blog is just lovely and one day soon I am going to read a lot of your posts!

  6. rita...
    i love your blog and i especially love your profile... life is truly a gift and we are soooo blessed every day...

    and i LOVE julie... she is the best.

    have a wonderful weekend
    xx pam

  7. Oh Rita,
    Isn't Julie's giveaway just wonderful ? The troule is, we all want to win it !!!! haha. XXXX

  8. thanks, rita! i missed this in my hit and miss approach
    to blogging, but i just love julie!

    she is so talented and such a sweetheart!


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