Monday, April 26, 2010

Lovely Party Shoes

One of my favorite 'crafty' blogger is Cori at Starview Sonnet.  Her latest creation is just too adorable not to share.  If you love to entertain as much as I do, I know her 'shoes' will put your thoughts in a rage thinking of how you can use these beautiful creations. I'm sure you will be thinking of a brunch, luncheon, or some social gathering that will require a purchase of shoes. They make me smile!

See more details at Cori's Etsy shop.

Aren't these just amazing. I can see them at a bridal brunch, a baby shower luncheon (new mom is ready for pretty feet again) - I think I could make these 'fit' any theme.


  1. Oh they are just so beautiful! I am definately going to visit Cori her shoes are just fabulous! xx

  2. Aren't those just gorgeous! And your photo here of the seafoam green/blue beach...oh, sublime. And thank you for coming to visit are so kind and you have such a beautiful spot here! And, speaking of you know the blog Fete et Fleur? That is my sister-in-law...she makes divine paper shoes as well. Please go visit her!

    Have a lovely day dearest one! Anita

  3. So so lovely.I will visit Cori's site.
    Have a nice day,

  4. What an original idea!! So elegant and also cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Kristin XXX

  5. Oh Rita!

    It made me feel so happy to read your lovely post about my girls girl shoes! They really are special ! I feel honored to have you feture them here and share them with your loyal followers. I have met some of them already and I know there is more inspiration to come with women who (just like you) are super talented and inspirational.

    So glad we are friends here....Also glad you found out about my little shop adventure. It opened today! Who would have thunk? Now I have even more reason to keep the ideas and projects coming.

    the best to you my freind and thanks again for featuring me and my shoes : )


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