Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tish Is One Of A Kind

Those who already know Tish Jett (A femme d'un Certain Age), know exactly what I mean. If you haven't found Tish yet, I can only say you are missing out on one of the top blogs, and once you find her, you'll put her on your 'must read every day' list.

Tish does everything with such taste, elegance, and style, which speaks to why she is too modest to share her background and accomplishments - an editor, and a life and style writer for major magazines and newspapers such as WWD, Vogue, Ell, W, Harpers Bazaar, Town and Country, Chicago Tribune - just to name a few. Tish co-wrote the book, "Figure It Out!", which is a style guide for women. If these talents aren't impressive enough, Tish was a fashion commentator on a TV show. Needless to say, when Tish speaks - from manners to manicures - I listen.

So, now you see why I am so moved to be honored by Tish for the Sunshine Award. Tish and I connected early in my blogging life. I knew I had found gold when I found Tish.  Her entertaining wit and humor
made me laugh-out-loud. I literally spent an entire evening clicking her 'older post'  button - I couldn't get enough.

Tish's Tag List:  Beauty, Fashion, Shopping, Elegance,  
Style, Women Over 40, Weddings, Mothers-of-the-Bride,  
Confidence, Diet, Nutrition, Frenchwomen, France, Food,  
Family, Recipes, Style Icons, Fashion Accessories, Makeup,  
Fashion Trends, Women of a Certain Age, Age and Beauty, Paris, France

The Rules For Passing The Sunshine Award

1.) Thank the giver
2.) Choose 12 blogs that bring you sunshine (extremely difficult to limit it to 12)
3.) The proud new owners of the Sunshine Award are to pass it on to others.

These blogs bring me 'sunshine' and make me smile. I hope you'll visit them.

French Essence


Lilly Lemontree

The Bottom Of The Ironing Basket

Bonjour Romance

Haven and Home

The Laurel Hedge 

Bonjour Madame 

This Is Glamorous 

Collage Of Life

The Mill House

Mimi Charmante

Hooked On Houses


  1. What a great group of fabulous, fun bloggers you've passed this terrific award on to. Some that are new & some that I am so fond of already. Congratulations on your much deserved award. Reading your blog & receiving your comments are always a pleasure and I'm grateful.

  2. I found your blog today just by coincidence and i love it. I love your taste. I'll be back often.

  3. Oh, my dear friend Rita,
    Thank you SO much for thinking of me when giving out your awards. I cannot believe that you think that my little old blog is deserving of one.
    I am so glad that Tish gave you the Sunshine Award. You are so deserving of it. It's so funny, what sort of connection one gets with fellow bloggers. I think that you are very kind and modest. You are very giving and always have wonderful things to say about others. I can't remember how I found you but it was probably through Tish. I, like you, have been following her blog for a long while. She is SOooo talented and , like you, very modest.
    I will treasure my award from you, Rita and I will 'wear' it on my sidebar with pride.Lots of love. XXXX

  4. Tish was one of my first blog contacts and I simply adore her.I visit her daily and often re-visit for a dose of style and elegance when needed.

  5. Where to begin. . . A simple thank you seems so inadequate. Rita, you have given me the greatest award anyone could imagine by what you have said above. I am so touched and moved, I'm getting teary.

    You know how much I've loved you and your blog from the first day I found you. As I've said over and over, when I saw your beautiful face, even before I read the first word or looked at anything on your blog, I just KNEW.

    Meeting you has been one of the great gifts that has come out of this blogging world.

    (P.S.: Thank you Jackie & James, I think I've made it clear where I stand with both of you -- unrequited love.)

    Rita, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Much love,

  6. Ooooops, I meant to say perfect love, not unrequited up there. What a twit. I was in a state of high excitement and lost my head.


  7. Thanks to each of you for bringing sunshine to my little corner of the world.

    I do have something funny to admit about my early blogging days, and my connection to Tish. When I first started following Tish, her 'followers' list was much smaller , which I couldn't believe because I found her to be the most exciting, witty, fascinatingly funny, and interesting blogger I had read...and she was French. As I said in my post, I spent an entire night (hours) reading her older posts and her other blogs - it was just too good to stop. However, after each post, when I saw
    '0 comments', I felt bad for her - well, bad for everyone missing out. After all, here was an amazingly talented and creative woman with really 'great posts' but no one reading...or at least commenting. For whatever reason, I felt that it was my mission to get others to follow Tish. I wanted everyone to hear/see her work and join me in the laughter. Little did I know that Tish was doing fine on her own...as her 'followers' list proves. Knowing how much I admired and respected her, you can only image how my heart raced when I received my first blog comment from Tish Jett - I indeed felt that I had 'arrived' in the blog world. Thus, my relationship and love for Tish began, and has continued.

    And James, you are always on my award list. I know you don't 'do' the award thing...which is fine. But please know that you are a ray of bright Sunshine, a Five Star Diamond, and one heck of a Creative Blogger. And, let me add, the Jack of Hearts for many ladies in blogland.

    Love and smiles,

  8. Thank you so much for including me in such wonderful company...I am so touched. I too love Tish's blog and many of the others that you have chosen to award. xv

  9. Congratulations on your award!!!

    As for Tish, I couldn't have put it better myself, she is all that you mention and more! A wonderful blogger, fashionable and stylish, and one of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure to encounter!

    You are far too kind, thank you so much for passing on the Sunshine Award! It really does put a little 'sunshine' in my day, when I am reminded that other bloggers enjoy what I blather on about, especially when the other blogger happens to be as charming as you! I love your blog and always look forward to your posts and all those stunning images!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  10. What a lovely way to start my Thursday dear Rita! I am soooo glad I found your scrumptious blog, it's become a haven of style & beauty that has quickly one of my daily must reads. Thanks for the intro. to Tish, her blog is a delight. What wonderful company I'm in too, such an awesome group of fabulous bloggers.
    Millie ^_^

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  12. Dear Rita
    Congratulations on yet another well deserved award. I always find, not just style, but a sense of calm when I visit here.. You know both yourself and Tish are wonderfully supportive bloggers who both have a way of saying just the right thing! I think blogging is just as much about the relationships we develop as it is a chance for us to explore and nurture our interests. You both well deserve the Sunshine award .. as do your lucky recipients. [ I do have a confession to make.. I took the awards off my sidebar to change my layout and they haven't gone back up yet... but I do appreciate the award you gave me earlier and it will get back up there soon]

    Take care .. xx Julie

  13. Dear Rita - I am totally thrilled that you enjoy coming to visit and that you have included me in such illustrious company...thank you...all I need to do now is work out how to display it as beautifully as you have done! I first found Tish's blog when Sarah (SemiExpat in Oz) encouraged me to start a blog of my own and became my very first follower...so Tish was one of my first forays into the blogging world (so to speak!) Thanks again Rita & love your new look, by the way. Hope you are having a wonderful week, x

  14. dear rita,

    congratulations on another well deserved

    you have such style and grace but lack of
    pretension here.

    i love to visit.


  15. Hello Sweet Rita,

    Congratulations on your award! I'm thrilled our paths have crossed in the wonderful land of blog.

    Big hugs,

  16. Aloha Rita, so fun to drop in and visit! you are right,these are great blogs and I am so glad I have a chance to enjoy them as well. Congrats on your award. You will Love Karyn too she is a favorite of mine.
    Sending you Hawaiian sunshine and hugs


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