Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chinoiserie Plate

Birthday surprises are wonderful, especially when it's a gift that you wanted to buy for yourself.  Just a few weeks ago I went window shopping at one of my favorite blog sites and artist - Annechovie. I've admired Anne's amazing talent and work from the day I discovered her blog. Although I didn't make a purchase that day, I did have my 'wish list' narrowed to a couple of items. As a lover of Chinese blue and white anything, it's no great surprise that my short-list included  prints of her original gouache/ink paintings of a plate and matching ginger jar.

Like magic the print arrived in the mail last week - a birthday gift from my oldest daughter. Now I must have the matching ginger jar. The signed print will be a a gift I will always cherish - it's from my daughter and Anne.

With permission - Anne Harwell


  1. Ahhh, I'm glad you liked it so much, mom. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect for you!

  2. HI Rita
    How beautiful.. this is one of my favourite of Anne's prints.. this one and the ginger jar.. She is so talented... and your daughter is a sweetheart picking the perfect present....

    Happy Birthday to you dear friend.. I hope this year is full of joy and happiness.. xxx Julie

  3. OMG, I love all the things that make you smile. They are the same for me!! Love your blog which I've just discovered. Marsha

  4. What a SWEET daughter you have! it's really beautiful, and not surprising, I too love everything Anne does..what a really wonderful birthday for you Rita!

    thanks for visiting me today!


  5. What a beautiful birthday present from your daughter. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful and thoughtful daughter. Hope you had a great birthday! xx

  6. What a lovely gift and that you found it thru a blogging friend with the support of your daughter will make it extra special I am sure! It is beautiful!

    PS..thank you for your recent comments on my post Rita...they are so so appreciated!

  7. Beautiful present for birthday.I wish you a lot of happyness for you all the year.

  8. What a thoughtful daughter your sweet girl is Rita! I'm sure your print will be lonely without its mate, so yes, the Ginger Jar must make its way to your house very soon. The happiest of birthdays to you my dear.
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments over @ The Hedge today, they made my heart sing.

  9. Happy Birthday Rita! What a beautiful plate and special gift from your daughter. ~Lovely! :)

  10. Dear Rita, how exceptionally beautiful ! You are a lucky Mom ! kind regards, Martina - wishing you a very Happy Birthday

  11. I love the blue and white print!! I agree about whenever you put blue and white in a room I think it elevates the style in the room. I love using blue and whites in the summer to add a cooler element to the room. What a lucky girl you are to get this great print, Kathysue

  12. Thanks to all for the sweet comments and birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day with family. I must add that my other daughter also gave me a wonderful gift, but I will post about that another day.

  13. Hi Rita!

    What a beautiful print...and even more special since it is a gift from one of your babies! Those are the gifts from the hear that really matter.

    I loved getting your comment tonight on my dogwood branches. Your positive comments mean SO MUCH to me. There is some kind of connection--ever since we became blog friends. I wish you were my next door neighbor--REALLY!.

    Thanks you so much for being you....have a wonderful weekend.

    Your blog friend,


  14. more appropriate that your birthday would be on the eve of the first day of are just a breath of fresh air.

    Happiest birthdays to you.


  15. What a wonderfully sweet daughter you have Rita - able to pick out the perfect gift for you & give you so much joy on your birthday. Hope you had a wonderful day...x

  16. what a precious daughter you have!
    she must have picked that trait up
    from her mother.

    lovely print for a lovely lady.


    ps. i love your scripture. . . that "Jesus
    rejoiced in spirit." we don't often think
    of Him that way.

  17. What a thoughtful daughter you have! Just came across your blog today and enjoyed browsing! Signed up so I can come again. Have a great day!

  18. Greetings Rita: First, a very happy belated birthday to you. I hope your special day was just as special as you are?! Your sweet daughter gave you a truly special gift. I adore Anne and her amazing work. It's a gift you will always treasure. Hoping your weekend is good?

    All my best to you x

  19. Dear Rita,
    Well, this must be my 5th attempt at commenting on this post. My computer wont let me in !!
    What a beautiful present from your kind and thoughtful daughter. She knows you very well. I love Annes work. She is so clever.
    Now you just have to find the right spot for it. ...or have you one in mind? It takes me ages to place pictures and paintings. You are probably much better than me !!
    Have a lovely Sunday, Rita. XXXX


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