Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Want One

I have a thing for - an attraction to- old barns. Their history and secrets intrigue me. In my mind's eye, I see endless possibilities and wonderful potential for these sturdy old structures. Oh, the things I would/could do with an old barn.


  1. I love cottages too. The photo 1 is wonderful, I would like to be there to contemplate it closely and to walk along these surroundings

  2. Rita, I love barns too! I imagine living in one and filling it with lots of artwork, especially those big canvases never seem to fit anywhere. A big old stone fireplace that fills an entire wall and lots of deep cozy chairs sitting around it. I love that barn red colour. Maybe a built in red bookcase and a very tall ladder by it's side. A big mud room as most likely there will be lots of it this time of year. Oh dear, I better stop there. Thanks for the thought. You just gave me a great idea!
    Jeanne :)

  3. Hi Rita - me too! There's an old whitewashed & beamed barn on a neighbouring property which I walk past on my canal walk - will post a picture of it....every time I go past my mind wanders and conjures up all the things I could do with it....& when we are looking at potential homes here in England, we only have to hear the words barn conversion & we're there! Thanks for these lovely images...hope you are having a great week, Susie x

  4. Oh ME TOO Rita!!!!

    I love the images above, such huge buildings each with their own history.....and such potential too. I love their solidity too, something very comforting about that.

    When we visited Italy last year and stayed in the town that my father in law was originally from, we stayed just down the road from his old home. No one lives in it anymore and it is owned by various family members, my husband being one of them. It includes the house, outbuildings and some old barns....built of wood and stone, they are so lovely. We are not sure what will happen with it all - probably it will be sold to someone local since it all needs work and is quite a project - too much for us unfortunately.

    Have a lovely day....I shall be dreaming of Italy all day now!


  5. So that's where I got my obsession with barns....I am going to convince Mark one day to move into one.

  6. Moi aussi. Wonder why? I think anything that offers possibilities. That must be it.

    xo, Tish

  7. what lovely photos of such heartwarming subjects. who doesn't love
    the feeling a barn evoked...sweet hay, baby animals, satisfying and
    hard work.

    i really love this blog!

  8. HI Rita
    Well there is something about a barn that conjures up space and dark soothing spaces...Funny we don't 'do' barns much here in Aus.. but I always love seeing them on blogs and in magazines.. Would love to get my hands on one to do whatever I please with... Have a great week xx Julie

  9. Wow, I love these pics of barns. In 5th & 6th grade I lived out in the county...and we had a big old barn near us. Loved it!

    BTW, I really love your blog...and all the beautiful pictures!

  10. Hi RIta
    Thought of you when I saw this...


    She has a great site too!

    Jeanne :)

  11. Aloha sweet Rita,
    I had a wonderful visit on your blog today
    wishing you a great week


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