Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello March!

March is one of my favorite months. Just a few reasons why I like March:
the end of winter
tulips and daffodils
birds return and begin to sing
baby bunnies play in my garden
trees bud and flower
spring officially begins
spring break /the beach
longer days
aquamarine gemstone

Happy March!

Aquamarine ice.

I'll take this for my birthday.

A place just for me.


A beautiful Easter egg.

Not me, but fun.



 Spring tea parties.

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  1. Well once again you did make me smile, thank you.

  2. I couldn't agree more, I am so ready for March!!!!

  3. Oh Rita! You captured Spring so well... I loved all of you pictures, the blues were gorgeous!!

    Thank you for that fresh breathe of Spring!

  4. Hey Rita
    Well I'll take the aquamarine.. I've been in a bit of an aquamarine mood lately so at least now i know it is timely!! March of course means all the opposite things for me!! sadly.. boo hoo.. I'll just have to get my spring fix via your blog.. xx Julie

    PS I'll take the ring too!!! As you know it is the birthstone for March.. does this mean you are a Piscean !!! ??? come on .. fess up!

  5. Hello! What a lovely aquamarine fix to log on to! I am a March birthday its my birthstone...I now know what to say I would like from my husband!! Some of those jewel photos are divine, especially the ring!

  6. Beautiful Rita,we all wish the arrival of the spring, this one has been a long and hard winter in Spain.
    Thank you for this small advance that today you leave us.

  7. What a clever selection of coordinated pictures you have put together, Somehow this turquoise theme just lifts the mood from winter to spring, and that is something we surely need. Thank you, Sharon

  8. I love March too! What a beautiful post and a feast for the all the beatiful photos and I need those shoes...fabulous!

    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!


  9. i'll take a pair of those aqua ray bans, please!

    and the green birdhouse, too.


  10. Absolutely gorgeous Rita....I love March too! And so far so good, two beautifully sunny days here :)

  11. It sure made me smile! Gorgeous images!


  12. Holy COW! Am I glad you came to be visit me so I could find you! Your images are EXTREMELY WONDERFUL! I adore aquamarine and your dedication to this color in your post is breathtaking! I see you are a retired principal; I am a teacher going on my 7th year of teaching. I started in my mid-forties, and quite frankly, am at a place where you are at: FINDING PLEASURE IN THE THINGS I LOVE, outside of work.

    You have a marvelous blog; please come by anytime!


  13. Hello My Lovely Rita!

    I just thoroughly enjoyed these phots...I am SO INTO the light aqua lately...can't get enough of it.

    I would be HONORED to have you do a post on my shoes and link to my little blog. I am so glad you like them! Your opinion is held in high regard by me. You have such exquisite taste.

    Best to you,

    your friend,

  14. You forgot to mention your birthday and your daughter's birthday!

  15. Beautiful, gorgeous, lovely! I can just see the baby bunnies running around your garden!

    Lovely blog, just discovered you from Trish Jett' now following!



  16. DearRita,
    What a beautiful study in turquoise. I just LOVE that ring.
    I, too, welcome the Spring with open arms and love the month of little green buds and shoots start to appear and the days feel just a little warmer.
    Enjoy March Rita, and but yourself a bunch of daffodils !! XXXX

  17. Hi,

    I just found your blog and I am not sure how I linked to it, but I have to tell you. Wow, I love it and also we have alot in common. I have two dreams also, one is a high rise in Chicago, and a mountain place in NC. I live in NC in a larger city, and Chicago is my favorite place in the world.

    I have a blog but haven't blogged in a while, but my last blog was about my highrise hotel room in Chicago. We stayed at the Wit, and our room and view was fabulous. I did just what you said, opened the drapes and stared out at the city Skyline, well actually the Chicago River and the Corn Cob. Thanks for the great blog, you actually made me want to blog again!

  18. This post is definitely a feast for the eyes! Love every single image!


I hope this made you smile. I look forward to hearing what you have to say!