Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Diamonds From A Ruby

A few weeks ago, I humbly accepted a blog award from Julie at Being Ruby. She is one of the most talented and creative photographic artists I have met in the blog or real world. At the same time, Julie has a wonderful gift with words. 

I love what Julie wrote on her blog as part of her acceptance of her award, "It is always such a delight to find a fellow blogger has generously passed me an award. An acknowledgement that in some small way I may have amused, entertained or struck a chord of familiarity, and that's what it is all about right? Sharing our thoughts and interests with others and discovering theirs too."   

I suppose, in some way a blog award amounts to little more than an intangible cut-and-paste decorative logo, and maybe that's why some aren't accepted. But I see them as a sincere thank you note, stamp of validation and appreciation. I cherish the fact that for a few moments in someone's day, in some small way, I have given reason to smile, been a source of inspiration or amusement, or somehow "struck a chord of familiarity".


For my gesture of gratitude I'm passing The Five Diamonds Award to:  

Melissa at Heart and Home. Melissa is one of the most sincere and sweetest bloggers I have met. I'm not sure how she does it, but somehow she makes a personal comment every time I visit her site. I know I'm not special, so I can only conclude that she does this for all visitors...and she has hundreds.  

Tish at A Femme d'un Certain Age.  Tish is polished, chic, and sophisticated. She goes beyond making me smile, she makes me laugh-out-loud with her wit and humor.  Tish and her 'friend' Cherie give advice to keep me in style and looking fabulous, all with a French twist.

Simone at The Bottom of The Ironing Basket.  Simone posts the most beautiful and fun images - everything from runway fashions and flowers to sunsets and cupcakes. Simone is a woman of few words, but when she speaks, listen (read).

Marianne at Haven and Home. Marianne is a profession interior designer with a wonderful sense of style. I relate to Marianne at many level, but especially with her Sunday Quiet Time posts.

Amanda at Oliveaux. Amanda always has beautiful images and allows me to view style and life from the other side of my world.

Like most bloggers, I have a list of blogs I regularly follow, and in my book they all deserve a diamond or five or fifty. They all 'sparkle' and make me smile for one reason or another.

                                  These Are For All The Bloggers I Follow


  1. ~Ah. Rita you are the sweetest blog friend to think of me for this kind award. I am so grateful and truly touched by the kindness you have always shown me. YOU are special! Congrats on receiving it as well. I will proudly display this pretty award on my sidebar and think of your nice gesture when I see it.

    Blessings to you and yours.
    ~Warmly, ~Melissa :)

    PS I'm going to make you my "blog of the week" if it's okay with you. It's a feature at the top underneath my header photo.

  2. Rita, a lovely post and a lovely award for you...well deserved....and now you have another, I have passed on the Sunshine Award to you. See my earlier post, All Inspiring by clicking on the pink flower at the top of my page. Just want to say that as always, you inspire me. What lucky people we all are to have each other. Do with it as you like... or save it for a rainy day. It is the Sunshine Award for you.
    Jeanne :)

  3. Oh Rita, thank you so lovely....I am really touched by your words....

    I love Julie's blog too, she writes beautifully and I am glad that she is a follower of yours.

    I love visiting your blog, it is always a pleasure to be here.

    Thank you again my friend, I really appreciate it xo

  4. You're a sweetheart Rita
    Thank you for your kind and generous words, they have made my day a little brighter... and I think your generosity has left me lost for words! he he of course that never happens!! haha

    Well I always enjoy my visits here to see what you have to share with us. I'm looking forward to many more wonderful posts from you in the future. Now I think I will pop over and visit some of those lovely bloggers you have mentioned.

    Thank you once again... I hope you have a fab day xx Julie

  5. Oh no - I shouldn't read posts like this that recommend more lovely blogs. I said to myself I wouldn't follow too many but I just can't help myself. I am pretty new to blogging but in the past month have been so amazed and inspired by all the beauty and hard work created by bloggers.

  6. Oh, dearest Rita,

    How could anyone not be thrilled, flattered and touched by receiving such an honor from you. I'm so, so happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    So bizarre, I gave you a little something today, actually last night, but you deserve so much more.

    I knew I'd want you for a friend, although sadly virtual, the minute I saw your face.

    Merci, merci -- and Diamonds (!) my birthstone, love 'em.

    xoxo, Tish

  7. Bonjour Rita,
    Oh you deserve all these lovey awards, you have beautiful posts and leave the kindest comments. Your blog does sparkle and now that Jeanne and Tish have shared their Sunshine Awards with you it is official - you are a fabulous blogger!
    Bonne soirée!

  8. dear rita,

    i have to say that this is my favorite 'being a woman'
    blog. your easy, graceful style flows through your
    beautiful prose and gracious manner.

    thank you for helping me limp along.


  9. You certainly do deserve this award. It's such a treat to visit your blog!!
    Have a great day.


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