Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Take or Leave?

This engagement ring, beautifully displayed as a napkin ring, was inspiration for my search. I wondered if I could actually find real napkin rings as over-the-top, elegant, and beautiful.

The answer was yes!  Yes! Yes! Yes!  Well, at least's difficult to top a 'real' engagement ring.

Aren't these napkin rings gorgeous?

 Once I discovered such beautiful napkin rings, I began to wonder about the temptation they might present.  I can't imagine anyone taking/keeping a napkin ring at a small dinner party.  But ,what if the venue was something much larger, like a birthday soiree, a charitable fund-raising dinner, or a wedding reception?  Would you take it or leave it?

I pose this question because I know of an event where several napkin rings disappeared.  The event organizers were mortified to think that someone, or most likely, many someones, took the napkin rings from the dinner.

Would you leave or take?


  1. Aloha,
    so sweet of you to drop in and say Aloha,
    I appreciate your kind thoughts,
    I am definitely a takers here :)
    the rings are Fabulous..;)
    Aloha Hugs from across the sea

  2. The designs are fantastic and give a very chic touch to the table. Definitively I would leave them..
    Have a good day,

  3. HI Rita
    Well the first ring is stunning... can you send the man with that napkin please!!! haha... I love the faux rings also.. particularly the vintage ones in the 4th image..

    So what is wrong with people that they would steal from a dinner party, or event.. sad really isn't it... I would definitely be a leaver although I might enquire where to get my own..

    You know it would be a fabulous idea for a wedding... as a take home gift for each guest!! When Mr Man from image #1 proposes with that gorgeous ring I will consider it at my wedding.. hahaha xxx Julie

  4. Oh, how beautiful they look. You could make your own out of old pieces of jewellery.
    I certainly wouldn't take anything, but I can imagine that many things go missing at large venues. It must be very expensive having to replace them too. XXXX

  5. These are wonderful Rita...I want to make them all into brooches! How frustrating to have people take things like that. I would leave them and start a search for something similar the next day!

  6. I would never have thought of that happening but now that you mention it I guess I can see the temptation. They are gorgeous! But I could never take one because it would be so awful to break up a set!!

  7. Bonjour Rita,
    Oh these are all so beautiful! I could see repurposing them into costume jewelry. They would make a gorgeous Valantine's Day table.
    I would definitely leave them, couldn't live with myself if I slipped one into my bag.

  8. I follow a wedding planner's blog and she recently planned an over-the-top wedding in which they bought CZ bracelets to use for napkins rings. Lots of them were missing...

  9. I think Autumn and you are talking about the same wedding......

  10. It would be much better to use these for an intimate gathering of people you know. Very pretty.

  11. They are as we say in the biz, "to die for". I'm mad about them. Would I steal one? Never. Would I be tempted? Ummm, maybe. Would I try to find out where they came from from my hostess or the organizers of the event? Definitely.

    I agree with Catherine, it's a risky business: Use only with people you know in small groups.


  12. These are just exquisite Rita! Maybe guests at the function could be 'advised' that each of these beauties contain a well-concealed tracking device. It would be an interesting experiment in human nature.
    Millie ^_^

  13. Gorgeous napkin rings!! It probably would have never crossed my mind to take the napkin rings. I was surprised reading that someone would.

    You should definitely give these a try at your next dinner party.

  14. Is it possible to collect enough brooches for napkin rings in time for MY wedding???? I LOVE this idea!!!

  15. Ooooh FABULOUS... however I would LOVE to wear all of them as rings on my fingers!

  16. those are amazing - never saw anything like that!!!!

    thanks for the comment tonight. much appeciated.

  17. I'm the very worst sort of girl. You know the kind digging around in her garden and dashing around her kitchen all sensibly then she sees some pretty gems and instantly TURNS into a silly creature. I want that one and that one and that one oh I can't possibly choose just one.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  18. Oh my goodness! Start collecting them now for Meredith's wedding or special dinner with family and close friends. Choose ones that 'look' like specific people then TELL YOUR GUESTS TO TAKE THEM! They become thoughtful favors that look like Meredith and her sparkly vintage jewelry she always has on! And what a gorgeous table setting with the varieties of stones and colors and designs! (you just have to promise to invite me!)

    Beautiful, Mrs. Rita!

  19. this is great.
    you had me there for just a moment.

    and it is a darling idea too!

  20. Those are gorgeous. What a fun idea. I am hosting a giveaway for some beautiful berry wreath napkin rings on my blog. Stop on by to enter.


  21. These are lovely, and that third image is the one I'd go for (but not steal!)

  22. I'd take them all !!!!!!! (sent here by Joni)

  23. I'd take them in that I'd love to have them. But of course would never really *take them*. I am still shocked and appalled that people would take things from an event to which they've been invited!


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