Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Please Come In

After the front door, the entry foyer of a home is the first impression of the home's interior.

I like what these entrances have to say about the the homes they represent.

House Beautiful


  1. Happy New Year !!!

    2010 New Year's Fireworks show


  2. I totally agree! I have an odd space as you practically walk in and are just starting at stair cases and windows. It is hard to decorate. But I'm always working on it. xoxo


  3. So what does my entry way say? I'm thinking of giving the orange mirror a break...or a makeover.

  4. Lovely! I too feel the need to make my entryway say something a bit more... Great examples!

  5. My favorite would be the one which features the staircase, fishing baskets, black lantern and case clock. Classic.

  6. Aloha Rita,
    loved the post, looking forward to dropping in soon
    New Year Wishes from across the Sea

  7. These are fantastic, I love them all. I wish my front hall looked like the first one. Snap a finger and all the boots would be lined up and the hats up on a rack. Something to aspire to! The one with the fishing baskets is the essence of New England (home sweet home) to me and the long hall with the two topiaries could be a great home in the English countryside. One each please... :)

  8. Oh my! If my husband the Great White Hunter had his way our entry would look like the top photo! I just don't think that would be a very welcome HELLO... He displays his taxidermy in the garage and his den :-)

  9. These are lovely Rita....the first one made me smile....the second one is absolutely me tho, gorgeous!!

  10. I love some of these entries, especially the one with the riding boots and low hung art. I never saw it, how great!!


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