Friday, January 8, 2010

Passing Happy 101

I was so excited about receiving the Happy 101 Award that 
I forgot to included my list of honorees. Maybe that's best - this
way they get their very own spotlight post.

I love giving gifts, awards in this case, but I want to give an award to every blog I follow - to all the talented and gifted people that daily inspire, amuse, and encourage.  This list is only a few of those that I regularly visit.  As you will discover, each one is uniquely wonderful.  


For the blogger willing to participate in the  
Happy 101 Award
please accept, share your list of ten things that make you happy, and 
pass the award on to those you want to honor.

Congratulations and thanks for making me smile!

Being Ruby     


  1. Dear Rita
    How sweet of you to think of me... the great thing about blogging is getting to know new people and sharing interests. I see from your previous post you love the beach also...what's not to love!! Thanks once again Rita I'll put my thinking cap on and post soon... xx Julie

  2. Hooray- you did make me smile, Rita! Thank you so much! I will think this weekend and post.

  3. An exceptional list, Rita!

    Thank you so very much for your comment and for your visit. I am always so happy when people take the time to stop and say hello...It leads me to wonderful blogs and interesting people that I may have missed along the way.

    What a great title for your blog, "A Refocused Life" speaks to so many of us.

    Will see you again,

  4. Oh this may be the best award yet, thank you so much!!!!! I will play along ASAP!!!!

  5. Thank you for always making me smile Rita!

    Have a wonderful week. ~Melissa :)


I hope this made you smile. I look forward to hearing what you have to say!