Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lucky You!

I think anyone who has a special place to do something they enjoy and love is very lucky.  I have always dreamed of having a 'room of my own' - a place just for me and my special things. I've always thought a reading nook would be fun, too. If you have either, I consider you lucky...and blessed.

Images - House Beautiful


  1. That first picture is stunning! I had a room of my own, but some how it became a play room when the grandsons came along. Sigh.

  2. I would love a room of my own, absolutely, - these are gorgeous Rita.

    I love James's comment - somehow i don't think he begrudges those beautiful little grandsons of his too much!

    And those beds below are wonderful.....with all those pillows and that lovely bedlinen, they are crying out to be sat in all day surrounded by piles of magazines and books and a bedtray with tea and scones....that's my dream! Not a child in sight!! :)

  3. Ah, what wonderful taste you have Rita, these rooms are beautiful. Such a lovely idea, a room of your own....I have been thinking along the same lines. I would love to have a studio of my own just so I could leave everything as is and know that I never ever have to pack up!
    Jeanne :)
    PS..thanks for your note on my post..I wish I could sit down and eat all those lovely valentines cakes and chocolates!

  4. Bonjour Rita,
    I agree with James, that first room is stunning. It is so nice to have a room of one's own, a little nook to create and read and dream...
    Happy evening to you!

  5. Rita - lovely images of quiet spaces to read & contemplate - I love the downlights in the second photo & can imagine a good book curled up on the sofa with a good light overhead (always lacking in rooms not specifically designed for the purpose)! Susie x

  6. Beautiful rooms where one could sneak away, Rita. Our Victorian house has quite a few rooms. They are not massive rooms but we have a study that I like to call my own.... I guess that I am lucky. XXXX

  7. You should get your own room....your husband has his cave, it's only fair!!

  8. Hi Rita,I love the firts image,so warm and well lighting.
    Have a happy week end,

  9. I wondered when you were going to bring out a 'room of my own'. I bought you the book (A Room of My Own), and I thought that would be enough for a while!

  10. what lovely peaceful and well appointed.

    we are building a home in colorado, and i am always grateful for
    new ideas!

    our best friend is a high school headmaster, and so i know a bit
    about the intensities of that life!

    i am sending our snippets verse to my daughter, who is homesick
    in germany. thank you!

  11. Dear Rita,

    Absolutely lovely. Apart from the way the first room draws one in without formality and the exquisite taste in decorating, I think it's all about the light. It streams in in the day and one can imagine it is golden and warm in the evening. Then there's the throw.

    I have a little room of my own and I do love it. Red toile de Jouy curtains and throw pillows, an old desk, Pierre Frey beigey fabric with tiny tufts of red on the mini-love seat and miniscule foot stool. It's very sweet and lots of little things all about.

    I'm a lucky girl.

  12. Oooohhh this sounds just perfect Rita! Love all the gorgeous photos.

    Thank you for entering my giveaway! :)

  13. Oh yes, a reading nook would be so nice!

  14. Hi Rita
    Sorry I am slow getting around this week.. but under the weather...
    but.. glad I turned up for this post.. love the rooms.. i'd love to have a library room.. somewhere for nothing but curling up on the lounge and reading.. Of course every room in my apartment is my room!!! Funny how when you live alone... you stop creating those special little corners.. must make an effort to get back to that.. Hope you are well.. xx Julie

  15. I could not agree more. We have an office that I've been slowly trying to transform but although I could fix it up to my liking & mine alone, I'd feel guilty,not keeping my husband in mind. Then again, I need to routinely worry if it's a space that would be conducive to future home-buyers, since we plan one or two more moves. You gave me much to aspire to Rita. Happy new week to you ~

  16. What a beautiful blog. I'll look forward to having a nosy through the rest of this blog.

    And as for a room of my own! I would just LOVE one! I don't think it'll happen any time soon though.


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