Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Know Why Bears Hibernate

How long would you hibernate if this was your bed?


House Beautiful
Traditional Home


  1. HI Rita
    The answer is Forever!! hahaha I love all these beds... let's face it I love sleep!! but if that first bed would be mine.. i'd be willing to become a bear!! .. Actually I really love that first bed... perfect.. wish I could see more of it... Have a great day!!! xx Julie

  2. Oh Rita! What perfect timing for this post! My Mom is getting ready to re-do her bedroom and I'm trying to convince her to go with neutrals. I just ADORE my new neutral bedroom. It's so soothing and a real santuary. I am going to forward your post to her.

    I think my favorite is the first room, but enjoyed them all. Thanks so much for putting this bedroom eye candy in one place.

    Hope you are doing well and getting a chance here and there to hibernate : )



  3. I'm really lucky as I can sleep anywhere but I would love to be in one of these bedrooms.
    Very luxurious, Rita. XXXX

  4. It would be a while, that's for sure, especially in this cold, snowy weather we're having right now.

  5. Hi Rita,
    I would put a sign on my door that says 'Do Not Enter Unless Under Extreme Duress' and stay put for at least the weekend. I would first make sure I had an ample collection of magazines and books, my favourite stash of movies, a few bottles of perfume, my pink fluffy bathrobe, cashmere socks, silk pj's...and an order to send up coffee and chocolate at the ring of the bell. This is sounding to good to be true! Thanks for the second photo from the bottom!
    Jeanne :)

  6. These are all so beautiful Rita MOTH would be too scared to snore as per usual for fear of ruining perfection!
    Millie ^_^

  7. Rita every single one is a thing of beauty! Sigh....*Smiles*

  8. I'd never leave. OH...I wish my room looked like one of these!

  9. belle ballade!

    j'adore cette choral!!!!



  10. way toooooo long!

    beautiful blog. thank you!

  11. For a long, long time... especially in one of those canopy beds!! gorgeous, Rita!!

  12. Although my bed/bedroom are nowhere near any of these, I have always felt my room is my sancuary... LOVE IT!!


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