Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goodbye - Hello

As a gardener, I am always excited to see a new planting/flowering season come, but a little saddened when it's time to say goodbye (compost) plants at the end of a season. I guess you know what that means for my poinsettias.

Maybe I'm not a 'real' gardener, because full-fledged gardeners most likely take the steps to see their poinsettias through one season to the next. They do the same with their tulip bulbs; dig them up and replant them, season after season. I don't.  So, it's mid January and time to remove the final blip of red left in my house after the holidays.

Although my poinsettias are still beautiful, I am just about ready for them to go. I feel some guilt because, at the same time I'm politely ushering them out, I'm welcoming in some new possibilities - spring bulbs. If I want a full basket of beautiful color when my spring fever hits, I have to plan and plant now.

Check out my spring inspirations.


Rita @ A Refocused Life



  1. Beautiful inspiration!!! Love all of the spring flowers!!!


  2. Come to my house and help me plant some!

  3. Aloha, I am totally ready to plant, but I have to say that since I have moved to Hawaii, I have not researched the zone on what grows the best. It sounds funny cause EVERYTHING around here grows large ,green and all the time!! So I am hoping for a great gardening experience! I'm doing veggies, I am definately spoiled with the flowers here, I have pink and yellow and white plumeria and red Ginger in my yard . They are so average here,can't believe how wonderful they smell. I will have to snap some shots and post them,I forget sometimes, how exotic these really Are
    Aloha Wishes

  4. I like very much the flowers in house, give joy to the environment. I am not very good cultivating flowers .. I admire your skill and I you congratulate for it nice that look your flowers and the beautiful images that you us send.

    Have a good day,


  5. Will you please come to my house and garden 101 with me. I stink. Love the pics. xoxo

  6. Dear Rita - I know exactly what you mean..when it's time, it's time....out with the red and in with spring! Looking out the window here today I'm not sure that spring will ever be arriving but then I notice the little green heads coming up through the blanket of snow....happy gardening..Susie x

  7. Spring is such a wonderful season. I love all of the fresh green growth and snowdrops and violets, daffodils and magnolias.
    Well, it's just around the corner and it won't be long until it's here.
    I love all of your images especially the last one. Oh, how I would like that in my garden.
    So it's out with the poinsettia's and bring in the bulbs !! XXXX

  8. Rita
    I am with you on this one too. I have had paperwhites and hyacinths on my mind all week. I am desperate to fill my kitchen windowsill with anything budding at the moment. I just love walking into the kitchen to a morning or later afternoon surprise when the warm sun brings them to life. What a beautiful fragrance...sigh! You have incentivised me to get onto it first thing in the morning! Jeanne :)


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