Friday, January 15, 2010

Black and White

Black and White - I think I like this duo.

Traditional Home


  1. Bonjour Rita,
    I like this duo too. The last kitchen with the marble counters is fine with me!
    Bon weekend!

  2. I have loved black and white since the '60's Rita. .... in the home and to wear !!.
    I love the fireplace in the first picture and, I'm looking for a new sofa and I wouldn't mind the one in the last photograph. XXXX

  3. I like it too.I love the kitchen in the picture 2 and the little breafast-room.

    Happy weekend,


  4. There is something so classic and so fabulous about black and white together. And I love the pops of color (like green!). Thank you!

  5. B&W is always classic!! So clean & sharp!!

  6. Rita,
    I have always been absolutely smitten for black and white check floors ! Love all the pictures such a clean look.

  7. Hi Rita
    I have to agree with you. Black and white has always been a favourite for me.. so versatile.. and match up with any colour and can be both formal and casual.. I especially like the black and white floors and that sofa!!

    Have fun xx Julie

  8. I adore color but when I see black & white interiors such as those, then I'm in love all over again. The room with it's wall of framed art is stunning. I adore your blog & thank you for commenting on mine so that I could find my way to yours. A blessed Sunday to you ~ Deb

  9. Love the last photo Rita - B & W with the splashes of red is always in style for me! Happy week & hope you had a lovely weekend...Susie x

  10. i adore the black and white floors in the kitchen.
    i would NEVER get tired of that.

    i have the pattern in blk & wht on my kitchen counter tops, i wish i had done the floors instead.


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