Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Rare Treat Part II

Continuing my tour of the Southern Accents Showcase Home 2009.

The guest suite was amazing. Not the size, but the decorating. The walls were done in a gray on white tiger-print...hand stenciled.

Another unique room was the conservatory...a small room with big impact. A wall of French doors opened to the courtyard patio. The opposite wall was mirrored floor to ceiling, which added great depth.

The mud/laundry room was perfect for pet owners...note the 'doggie' shower.

Images - Southern Accents and mine


  1. Ohhh, I love that laundry room!

  2. ~WOW! What an amazing home. Love that gorgeous bedroom Rita. It's all stuinning!

    Have a blessed weekend. ~Melissa :)

  3. Thank you, thank you for this vicarious pleasure. I love model homes -- not all the rooms or designers' styles of course, but the idea of being in them, seeing the best of the best, maybe "stealing" some ideas.

    Did this a couple of times in NYC and loved every second of the experience.

    Thank you for sharing. (Love the dog in the picture.)


  4. There a lot of things we could use in this house and a doggie shower is one of them! LOVE the guest bedroom!

  5. Hi Rita:

    I really enjoy your blog and recently became a follower. I was nominated for the Kreative Blog Award a few days ago and I would like to pass one of my nominations along to you. You can see the instructions in my blog.

    Please keep inspiring us and showing us beautiful ideas!


  6. Love these selections!! Especially the doggie shower- brilliant!


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