Monday, October 5, 2009


I love leopard print. You can imagine how happy I was to read, "Fall '09 Breathes A Playful Sophistication Into The Classic Leopard Print" in the fall issue of Lonny magazine (a wonderful new online magazine).
When it comes to fashion, I am traditional. Every now and then I branch out and take a risk on something a little more trendy. Although leopard is considered a 'classic' I still consider it an in-or-out fashion. Leopard, and really any other animal print, is a little ify from year to year, plus they tend to be memorable items in one's wardrobe -people seem to notice and comment when something is unusual or unique. As crazy as it sounds that thought creates wardrobe anxiety for me - I have a two-fold fashion fear with leopard or for that matter anything the least bit trendy: 1) wearing an item so often that people think it's all you own, and 2) wearing it so seldom that you don't get the 'good' out of it (my mother speaking).

My signature color is black. Needles to say, leopard goes perfect with everything I own. So, the good news is leopard is in for at least another season, but the bad news is I have to decide if I can still get away with wearing my favorite leopard cashmere sweater or my my much loved leopard flats for another season. Is it time to say goodbye to two perfectly good, treasured items in my wardrobe, or do I celebrate and parade them out in style?

Thanks to Bloomingdale's and Bergdorf Goodman for providing the fashion show.


  1. I love leopard too....but I am not brave enough to wear it!!! I have been eyeing some very cute little leopard print patent loafers at DSW..and I think I am going to take the plunge this season :-)

  2. The bag is WONDERFUL!! I was watching Oprah years ago, (I hardly watch her now) and the comment was made that leopard flats go with anything. When in doubt, wear leopard! I do have a pair of leopard flats, but that's it. I love the idea of wearing it though. I'm like you, I wear a lot of black.
    Have a great day!!!!

  3. This certainly is the fashion statement for fall. My husband doesn't like it, so it's out for me but I think it's cool.
    My first visit to your blog. Lots of lovely things to see here, especially the Frank Lloyd Wright house.


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