Friday, October 30, 2009

Rustic Charm

If I had a little cabin off the beaten path, I'd want it to look just like this one. The best of both worlds - the rustic, relaxed cabin feel, with the luxury and elegance of fine furnishings.

Designed by Kathleen H. Rivers from Charleston.


Images Southern Accents


  1. Yes, I will take that cabin please. My favorite part is the walls.

  2. I am thankful God constantly is picking me up and washing me off. Getting rid of the yuckies inside of me.

    Just found your blog and love the title.

  3. I'm a BIG cabin lover! I've been begging God for quite a while now...

  4. Love those "rustic" rooms! Beautiful!

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  6. Beautiful tray! I love things like that! The colour are perfect in there too! I am starting to introduce rustic pieces like that. I just love all the history and stories that they may carry! :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Susan Graham


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