Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Farewell Toast

Like many of you, I heard the sad rumor that Southern Accents was closing. However, when I found the September/October 2009 issue at the news stand, I was elated and convinced it just wasn't so. Unfortunately, the September/October 2009 was the final issue.

After 32 years Southern Accents is closing and saying goodbye in typical southern style. The following is the note and picture the Editor In Chief, Karen Carroll
posted for readers.

I wish I could do the proper Miss Gracious Living thing and send all of you a handwritten note (on pretty Smythson stationery, of course). Your letters, calls, emails, blog posts, and comments of support have lifted our spirits during the close of Southern Accents, and it has been comforting to know that the magazine has meant so much to so many over the years.

The staff got together on the last day to share a few laughs, a few tears, and a lot of Champagne. And though the magazine comes to an end and most of the staff has now scattered (on to do great things, I know, as they are the best), our love of Southern style will most definitely endure. Thank you and we raise a virtual toast to all of you: May you always find life beautiful, entertaining, and gracious!


  1. Darn this economy! I know it also has a lot to do with the internet, but there is something to be said for a tangible magazine that you tear pages out of and save forever. Plus, there is nothing like finding the latest copy of your favorite magazine in your mailbox.

  2. ~Ah! That's so sad Rita.

    Have a blessed Holiday. ~Melissa :)

  3. Don't you just hate it when something so good folds up? Our small town lost several good restaurants recently...Schlotzki's, Fazoli's, Cousins, and more. I know just how you feel...

  4. makes me SO sad! i loved getting my southern accents! :( maybe something good will take it's place...

    thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. you are an encouragement. i've been in a bit of a blogging/responding slump due to the busy-ness of life, but things are slowing down a bit.

    have a marvelous day!


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