Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eye Catching

This isn't typically my style, and I can't image it anywhere in my house, but there is something about this setting that grabs my attention and makes me study each detail, line, and object. Maybe in the 'right' house I'd consider it.

AFK Furniture


  1. I don't have to want something in my own house to appreciate its beauty! I'm going back and reading "I Miss Emma" I miss her too and did a post about her a while back!

  2. It's pretty....but definitely very "girly", which means it would have no place in my house of all males! hahahaha!

    Maybe someday I can have my own little pink room :-)

  3. OK, I'm confused. Not unusual for me, but nevertheless. . . I did leave a comment on the pretty pink last week noting I thought it was indeed pretty and very Palm Beach and though I couldn't live with it I would love to see it often at a friend's house.

    Obviously once again I pressed the wrong button.

  4. That pink is just gorgeous...the girly in me is smiling, xv


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