Friday, October 30, 2009

Rustic Charm

If I had a little cabin off the beaten path, I'd want it to look just like this one. The best of both worlds - the rustic, relaxed cabin feel, with the luxury and elegance of fine furnishings.

Designed by Kathleen H. Rivers from Charleston.


Images Southern Accents

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Autumn!

I wish I knew who/how to give credit for this, but it's a traveling email without credits. It seemed worth forwarding.

Being a Christian is like being a pumpkin. God lifts you up, takes you in, and washes all the dirt off of you.. He opens you up, touches you deep inside and scoops out all the yucky stuff--including the
seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc. Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside you to shine for all the world to see.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eye Catching

This isn't typically my style, and I can't image it anywhere in my house, but there is something about this setting that grabs my attention and makes me study each detail, line, and object. Maybe in the 'right' house I'd consider it.

AFK Furniture

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

They Make Me Smile

Today I took my last cutting of roses for the season. Placing the vase of buds (and a few sprigs of thyme) beside my kitchen window made me smile. My one little rose bush provided fresh flowers for my kitchen from May through October. It's just one of the joys of gardening.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Farewell Toast

Like many of you, I heard the sad rumor that Southern Accents was closing. However, when I found the September/October 2009 issue at the news stand, I was elated and convinced it just wasn't so. Unfortunately, the September/October 2009 was the final issue.

After 32 years Southern Accents is closing and saying goodbye in typical southern style. The following is the note and picture the Editor In Chief, Karen Carroll
posted for readers.

I wish I could do the proper Miss Gracious Living thing and send all of you a handwritten note (on pretty Smythson stationery, of course). Your letters, calls, emails, blog posts, and comments of support have lifted our spirits during the close of Southern Accents, and it has been comforting to know that the magazine has meant so much to so many over the years.

The staff got together on the last day to share a few laughs, a few tears, and a lot of Champagne. And though the magazine comes to an end and most of the staff has now scattered (on to do great things, I know, as they are the best), our love of Southern style will most definitely endure. Thank you and we raise a virtual toast to all of you: May you always find life beautiful, entertaining, and gracious!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


First, let me say that there should really be a video to illustrate, because words alone cannot begin to explain what you are seeing. Secondly, everything you see has multiple moving parts and is spring loaded.

I know it looks like this lady is just pulling on a couple of ropes, but what you don't see/don't know is that the ropes are attached to giant tension springs, and the board she 'appears' to be resting on, is actually on rollers, so it gives a double-whammy action-reaction. At the same time, there are breathing techniques, arm rotations, and leg- extension movements being given by the instructor. When done properly, it is almost like a beautiful ballet. However, when done by a beginner it is Cirque du Soleil 'Behind The Scenes' edition. Just getting into some of the contraptions takes two people.

I'm always 'talking' about dieting and getting in shape, so one of my dearest friends (Gina), who is a level-twelve, advanced pilates contortionist, told me to 'put my money where my mouth was' and take a pilates class with her. So, I began a pilates class a couple of months ago - not knowing a thing about what my 'money' was getting me into.

At various times during a class session, I find that the only way I can get through (survive) a particular movement/exercise is to focus my mind totally away from what it is I'm trying to do. My latest trick or mind game is to try to think of words that describe what I'm doing or words that should be plastered on the studio sign as warnings for newcomers. 'Torture' was the very first word I 'mentally' spoke. So far, here's the list of words that I've created as a means of diverting my attention when I close my eyes and go into survival mode:

water boarding
flying trapeze
missile launch
German engineering
spring loaded
armed and dangerous
innocent bystanders
helmet required
news headlines "unfortunate accident"

I fear that at any given moment, I am only one little muscle quiver from being napped into a pretzel or sent sailing through the plate glass studio storefront.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I love leopard print. You can imagine how happy I was to read, "Fall '09 Breathes A Playful Sophistication Into The Classic Leopard Print" in the fall issue of Lonny magazine (a wonderful new online magazine).
When it comes to fashion, I am traditional. Every now and then I branch out and take a risk on something a little more trendy. Although leopard is considered a 'classic' I still consider it an in-or-out fashion. Leopard, and really any other animal print, is a little ify from year to year, plus they tend to be memorable items in one's wardrobe -people seem to notice and comment when something is unusual or unique. As crazy as it sounds that thought creates wardrobe anxiety for me - I have a two-fold fashion fear with leopard or for that matter anything the least bit trendy: 1) wearing an item so often that people think it's all you own, and 2) wearing it so seldom that you don't get the 'good' out of it (my mother speaking).

My signature color is black. Needles to say, leopard goes perfect with everything I own. So, the good news is leopard is in for at least another season, but the bad news is I have to decide if I can still get away with wearing my favorite leopard cashmere sweater or my my much loved leopard flats for another season. Is it time to say goodbye to two perfectly good, treasured items in my wardrobe, or do I celebrate and parade them out in style?

Thanks to Bloomingdale's and Bergdorf Goodman for providing the fashion show.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Design 101

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.

This is the house that caused me to broaden my appreciation of design styles. I think this may have been the exact picture in my 1970s Design 101 textbook in college. Although this modernist masterpiece is still far from my preferred house style, I am still in awe of the cantilevered construction design.

I just read that it is now available for overnight stays. If you have a passion for great architecture and a few thousand dollars, go have yourself a wonderful little sleepover.