Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dreaming Again

I have so much wasted attic space. I could almost double my house size if I could use my attic (I tend to exaggerate in my dreams). An attic room is on my 'someday' when I win the lottery list. But, until the money actually rolls in, I am making good use of the time by creating a 'dream' file of ideas to show the contractor.

When I see these pictures, I always wonder if this could be a DIY project.

My grand daughters would love these rooms. Images Elle Decor and Veranda


  1. I love attic spaces...and basements. Never lived in a house with either.

    I love the sleeping bunks.

    I like your BIG dreams...they make me smile. (Especially this one b/c I remember a certain contractor telling you that you shouldn't put one more feather in your attic until you get it supported better and now you are thinking of my little girls sleeping up there!!)

  2. What great ideas for an attic. They look like they're made for guests but I'd be tempted to sleep there myself if I had a room like that ;)

  3. That would be a fun attic idea for kids. I am a DIYer but I would have to think about how I would do this...

  4. lovely post!! I hope you have a fabulous night!! huge hugs!! Britt :-)


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