Saturday, October 3, 2009

Design 101

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.

This is the house that caused me to broaden my appreciation of design styles. I think this may have been the exact picture in my 1970s Design 101 textbook in college. Although this modernist masterpiece is still far from my preferred house style, I am still in awe of the cantilevered construction design.

I just read that it is now available for overnight stays. If you have a passion for great architecture and a few thousand dollars, go have yourself a wonderful little sleepover.


  1. When I was younger I could not wrap my mind around Frank Lloyd Wright's designs. Now that I am older I can truly appreciate his designs but it is not something I think I would live with either.

    Growing up I was surrounded with very traditional furnishings with lots of antique solid wood pieces that had that wonderful patina which I appreciate to this day and am still drawn too.

    Mr. Wright was certainly ahead of his time.

  2. My-Reason-For-Living-In-France is an architect (as was my father) and he helped me understand and appreciate the genius of FLW.

    Thank you for the previous post, for all the reasons you can imagine.

  3. I agree. Not so much my style but I definitely admire and respect his work!


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