Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Color Trend Sighting

I keep running into this color....that must mean something. Maybe it's a new trend.

Just this past weekend I noticed a bright tangerine-orange wall in the entry of a cafe in the hotel were I stayed. I continued to find touches of this bright, fresh color in a variety of stores as I browsed various departments; everything from table linens, kitchen utensils, and china to shoes,purses, and watches.

I think I'm starting to like it.

Images Elle Decor and Metropolitan Home


  1. Great minds do think alike!!!! Oh that wall in the first picture is drool worthy! And that rug, love love love! And the table, and the fabric...LOVE everything here! I am typically not an orange person but maybe things are changing!

  2. YES! I do love orange now too. Great pics Rita.

    ~Blessings my friend, Melissa ;)

  3. Ahhh, I love that color! I think it's very popular right now. Who knows, maybe someday burnt orange will be the new harvest gold from the 70's! Bleck.

    You're invited to join me:

    Some fun and some Jesus...

  4. I adore orange. I find it very soothing especially paired with other earth tones. My laundry room is a burnt orange (Behr - Nutmeg). I am surprised at the many people that like it. Now if I could just get the courage to do it the family room.

  5. MOM!!!!!! Why don't I get any credit here? I believe it was me who purchased a coral tank for you at the beginning of summer and said "here is a color you need to implement, it's the color of the year!"
    I figure I should at least get a mention!!!!

  6. stunning collection of all things orange, thank you! x


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