Monday, September 7, 2009

The Best Part

It looks like a space ship, but it's actually the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. It truly was an over-the-top venue for the OU-BYU game.

The triple size jumbo-tron screen (60 yards long) was amazing. Our seats were on the third level, so it was like watching the game in my own family room with a giant screen TV. Football games would be so much more fun if every stadium was like this one...comfortable seats, climate control, perfect view of every play.

Our view of the game (via the giant screen) looked just like this....

But, the best part of the whole weekend was not experiencing the stadium or even the game. The best part was being with friends. There were many perfect moments, lots of laughs, dining, talking, shopping. You know me and celebrating perfect moments, but I discovered men don't quite understand the concept as well as women. The OU win was the only thing missing from this wonderful weekend.


  1. Rita! What an awesome time you must have had! This stadium is phenomenal!

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I love hearing from you!! :)

    I'm going to follow you as soon as I finish up this comment.


  2. I'm so crazy! I thought I followed you already and I do. I haven't been getting your feeds in my Google Reader though...hmmm....

    I'll stop back by very soon! :)


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