Sunday, August 9, 2009

Warning Label

I was recently educated on the pitfalls of horizontal surfaces as they relate to decorating and furniture purchases. Who knew furniture needed a warning label?

During a Saturday morning shopping outing with a friend, I stopped to admire a wonderful, antique-looking lady's writing desk. Without giving the desk more than a brief glance, she proceeded to tell me that she avoids putting horizontal surfaces in her bedroom. I didn't get it. She went on to explain - for her, anything with a horizontal surface becomes a clutter-catch. At that very instant, a very clear picture of my bedroom came into my mind's eye. She was right! I had inherited the useless gene for creating a horizontal surface from any item commonly used in a vertical stance.

As we speak (I write), my bedroom chair is hidden under a mix of clothes waiting to be placed in drawers or closet, a Target sack, a pair of slacks waiting to go to the dry cleaners, a belt, a magazine, a sweater waiting to be 'washed by hand' and a headband. If I take a quick tour of the rest of my house, I could find the same thing has happened to the treadmill, mop handle, laundry hamper, clothes dryer . Just like the rule that cautions large people to avoid horizontal stripes, there should be a similar rule created for horizontal surfaces for people like me.

I still like the look of a writing desk in a long as I can 'see' it.

Here's to Dr. Child's and her attempt to educate Rita.

P.S. I love the animal print on this chair.

Photos - House Beautiful and Southern Accents

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