Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Trifecta Perfecta

Three great friends on a two-day shopping trip = trifecta perfecta. Two days filled with perfect moments - wonderful friends, great conversations, fun shopping, fine dining. The only negative was that one of our traveling/shopping friends had to miss this trip. We've been to some fabulous places and done some amazing things together...and a few crazy things. We've seen and done things that made us laugh until we cried, and there's been times we were brought to tears.

As I've said before (A Perfect Day), I am all about celebrating the perfect moments in life, so there should be no question about the number and amount of dessert we consumed in just two short days. We feel obligated to eat dessert - it's our personal tribute to the ladies on the Titanic who passed on dessert.

Sites and events from some cities that have given us lots to smile about.

The words "Sold Out" mean nothing to us. We stood in line, in the rain, for three hours to get 'no show' tickets. It wasn't cheap, but seeing the original cast of Hairspray on Broadway was priceless.

This little island gave us a lot to laugh about...a 'pee your pants' funny. Who knew a prison could be so funny or it would be a big mistake to book the evening cruise and tour?

This little cafe doesn't look like much, but it was an experience,

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