Monday, August 24, 2009

They Make Me Smile

For years I have had a little bed of gladioli tucked away in a corner in my side yard. When the surrounding trees matured and created too much shade for these sun loving plants, I let the bed die out. However, it only took one summer without them to remind me how much I love gladioli...white of course. White bulbs are hard to find, but I love the fresh, clean look.

Although I had nowhere else in my yard to start a new bed, I was so desperate and determined to have one of my favorites back in my gardens, I decided to tuck a few bulbs beside my bush was getting too much sun anyway. So, I thought 'two birds with one stone'...shade the hydrangeas with the gladioli. As you can see the plan worked. The hydrangea benefited from the extra shade and I have a beautiful cutting to enjoy.

These make me smile!

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  1. Hi Rita,
    They are a beautiful flower. So glad they did well for you.
    I hope you're enjoying your summer and retirement.
    It's always busy here with yard work, entertaining, or family. Not necessarily in that order though.


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