Sunday, August 16, 2009

Second Thought

Certain cars are just so darn cute and fun looking that they make me (momentarily) think, "I want one". I had this thought when I first saw a Mini Cooper, the new version of the VW Bug, and most recently, the Smart Car. Thank heavens for thoughts that are fleeting and diverted by common sense.

If I lived in the right city and needed a car to skip around town for errands, I think I'd give these cars a second look, but at this point, I do way too much highway driving for anything that I'd call cute.

They did make me smile...until I saw this little snapshot. Yes, it's a cute little car between those two trucks.


  1. Oh boy Rita! I too saw these two photos this weekend ~ YIKES is about all I can say...

    My husband the firefighter still shakes his head when he sees these mini cars... He has seen some pretty awful results of car accidents in FULL SIZE cars!

    I'll keep my sherman tank thanksomuch... California is no place for a small car.

  2. Those cars make nice toys, but I'd be too claustrophobic in one. I'd be so scared of ending up like that photo.


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