Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Want What They've Got!

It's nearing late summer and I'm still not finished with my seasonal closet organizing. Every time I go through this, I start trying to convince myself that the procrastination is due to my limited closet space - if I had more room, the process of making the seasonal change-overs would be a piece of cake.

My closet, in comparison to these, is a small walk-in, so I shouldn't complain. BUT, I still like to dream of what I'd do if I had a gigantic closet-room. The kind of closet that's the size of a bedroom - big enough to have an island, a TV, chandelier, a couple of chairs, a 'What Not To Wear' size three-sided mirror, and a cute little ladder to reach the top shelves. That would be my dream come true.

These celebrity closets are sooo fabulous! They can have the shoes and clothes.....I just want
the closet.

Crowne Cabinets & Closets Hollywood Life Magazine

In Style Magazine

Monday, August 24, 2009

They Make Me Smile

For years I have had a little bed of gladioli tucked away in a corner in my side yard. When the surrounding trees matured and created too much shade for these sun loving plants, I let the bed die out. However, it only took one summer without them to remind me how much I love gladioli...white of course. White bulbs are hard to find, but I love the fresh, clean look.

Although I had nowhere else in my yard to start a new bed, I was so desperate and determined to have one of my favorites back in my gardens, I decided to tuck a few bulbs beside my bush was getting too much sun anyway. So, I thought 'two birds with one stone'...shade the hydrangeas with the gladioli. As you can see the plan worked. The hydrangea benefited from the extra shade and I have a beautiful cutting to enjoy.

These make me smile!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Second Thought

Certain cars are just so darn cute and fun looking that they make me (momentarily) think, "I want one". I had this thought when I first saw a Mini Cooper, the new version of the VW Bug, and most recently, the Smart Car. Thank heavens for thoughts that are fleeting and diverted by common sense.

If I lived in the right city and needed a car to skip around town for errands, I think I'd give these cars a second look, but at this point, I do way too much highway driving for anything that I'd call cute.

They did make me smile...until I saw this little snapshot. Yes, it's a cute little car between those two trucks.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Room With A View

I love outdoor living spaces....I love to look at pictures of outdoor rooms. But, sadly I can't really, totally enjoy what I see because I know, from personal experience - on a small scale - that they are difficult to keep clean...and believe me, I'm not a neat-freak. When I find wonderful pictures of outdoor rooms, I like to look, but spend most of my time trying to determine the surroundings that have the potential to create leaf clutter and dust. The picture below reminds me of the first stage of my arbor room...white, open, airy, loved it...until it rained and the Wisteria started shedding leaves. That's when I added a solid roof over the vine-covered beams. That worked to keep furniture cushions dry and I no longer had an arbor of Wisteria to drop leaves. But, the dust continued to be a problem. In the spring everything in the room, floor to ceiling was green with oak pollen, in the summer it was dust and cobwebs...with leaves. This led to the next stage...screening in the porch. I'm here to tell you that glass maybe the only barrier that can fix the problem. Rather than forfeit the sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors, I've not entertained the thought of glass just yet. With glass the outdoor room would just become another indoor room...what's the purpose of that? I think I'm learning to accept dust, shriveled leaves, and a few spiders. Enjoy the views!

My favorite!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Wonderful Thought

God is not only there at the point of difficulty and distress, nor is He simply the rescuer and helper in times of emergency. He is also with us in the midst of stability and success. Thus God does not come on the scene only when we need Him; He is there all the time--particularly when we think we do not need Him. In our times of well-being and success we need God all the more. For it is precisely at such times that we are mesmerized into thinking that our successes are our own rather than the blessing of God. J Charles Morriss

Lovely Gardens

Gardening ideas - There may be one or two I think I might be able to attempt ...on a much smaller scale, of course. Some are just for admiring and imagining.

They make me smile. Enjoy!

Images Southern Accents

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Red Lipstick Harper's Bazaar Part II

Love it, can't wear it. See Part I Below

Part II It's Back! Harper's Bazaar says red lipstick was "rampant" on the fall 2009 runway...that little word combo sent me into a 'here I go again' frenzy. If you have a favorite...please share!

Part I Posted July 8, 2009 Red Lipstick - Love it, can't wear it.

When it comes to lipstick, is there anything more classic or iconic than red? Some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood history have set fashion trends by simply stepping out of their limousine or onto the red carpet with perfectly painted red lips. It only takes one starlet or supermodel to start the ball rolling and send millions of women scurrying to drugstores and Clinique counters to begin the tedious search for red lipstick.

Finding the exact shade is key to looking amazing... or resembling a circus clown. Try as they may, sales representative at the make-up counter will never convince me that I can wear red on my lips. I've tried the blue-based shades, and the red-orange tints. Each time I leave the store feeling like I look like a cross between Cruella De Ville and Lucille Ball. Walking away from the make-up counter and trying to present a confident, "I like how I look" image, while going straight to the nearest ladies room, is nothing compared to hiding in a stall and attempting to get the darn stuff off with toilet paper....only to leave the store and head straight to my car with a puffy strained mouth.

I have a friend that would look undressed if she didn't have on red lipstick. She was born to wear

red lipstick. Not only does she have the perfect hue of red for her skin/hair type, but she somehow finds the perfect gloss to accentuate her look of total sophistication. She, along
ith the latest fashion reports that declare "old Hollywood glamour is back - red lips are in," inspire me to continue to look for that just-right shade of red lipstick. I'd settle for a lip pencil in the red palette that could be glossed over to give the suggestion of red lips. No luck with that idea either.

Berry, Merlot, Bourdeau, Real Red,
Strawberry Daiquiri, Rocket, Cherry,
Ruby, Fury, Fire, Candy Apple, Watermelon, Scarlet, Rouge, Crimson, Russet, Raspberry, Red Hot, Chili Pepper, Hot Lips, Flame,
Fire Engine, Cayenne...I'm still searching.

Here's to Deborah and her fabulous red lips. She makes me smile....and so does this

Revlon model who has hit the jackpot with the perfect RED.

Monday, August 10, 2009


The Best Of New York Fashion Week - Fall 2009

Here's what I got: black & white, animal print, glitzed-sheen
fabric, fur, muted tones, form fit, accessorized.

What's your take?

Harper's Bazaar