Monday, July 20, 2009


Has the word 'tablescape' always been around, and was I just absent the day it was introduced? Is it a term common in the vocabulary/phraseology/vernacular of those 'in the trade' and it's just now trickling down to those of us not in that world?
Surely Sandra Lee (Food TV) wasn't the first to refer to setting the table as tablescape. And, speaking of Sandra, does everyone redecorate their kitchen to match the theme of their menu? Was I absent that day, too?

Southern Accents

Carolyne Roehm photos for Veranda

Whoever and whatever - I like having a single word to replace those 'so last year' simplistic terms - table setting, table arrangement.I think the word/terms mean basically the same thing, but using the word tablescape just has a better ring - so much more creative, artistic, elaborate, sophisticated, cultured. Table setting brings to mind the basic dishes and utensils, and maybe a salt and pepper set for the centerpiece. But tablescape suggests bringing out the 'good stuff' - china, silver, exquisite linens, fabulous, fresh flowers, placecards.

Is it proper for one to tablescape with paper and plastic? It makes me smile to think about it.
Following tablescapes - Southern Accents.


  1. Gorgeous "tablescapes" :) I love ogling a good-lookin' table!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and complimenting my little guy's bday party... your Ellie's party looked like it was FABULOUS!
    :) andrea

  2. These are gorgeous "tablescapes"! Even being in the business I feel that I behind on the lingo. Until I started reading blogs I didn't know that home magazines were actually "shelter mags". Who knew? The part about plastic silverware and plates made me smile, that is what is on my table more than I would like to admit!

  3. PS- Your header is beautiful! How did you do that?

  4. ~Beautiful tablescapes! I had never heard the word until I found Blogland last year. :)


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