Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Want What They've Got!

It's nearing late summer and I'm still not finished with my seasonal closet organizing. Every time I go through this, I start trying to convince myself that the procrastination is due to my limited closet space - if I had more room, the process of making the seasonal change-overs would be a piece of cake.

My closet, in comparison to these, is a small walk-in, so I shouldn't complain. BUT, I still like to dream of what I'd do if I had a gigantic closet-room. The kind of closet that's the size of a bedroom - big enough to have an island, a TV, chandelier, a couple of chairs, a 'What Not To Wear' size three-sided mirror, and a cute little ladder to reach the top shelves. That would be my dream come true.

These celebrity closets are sooo fabulous! They can have the shoes and clothes.....I just want
the closet.

Crowne Cabinets & Closets Hollywood Life Magazine

In Style Magazine


  1. I think you should divulge that you also have claimed at least 2 other closets in the house as your own.

    Why do we build these houses when all women want is a big closet and bathtub and all men want is a big garage/workshop???

  2. Oh, to have so much room to organize! Wouldn't it be grand? In reality we can only wear so many clothes and wear so many pairs of shoes. lol
    Hope you're enjoying your summer.

  3. Oh My Goodness Rita!!! Yes please, I would like one of them if I may. LOL! ~Gorgeous~

    Have a blessed Sunday, ~Melissa :)


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